Re: [Frameworks] complex HD telecine question

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 10 2010 - 13:31:42 PDT

Thanks but I still don't understand what happens to the extra frame.
Every second, I give the machine 24 pictures, and it creates a 25th.
If I put this 25p material into a 24p project, will it remove a
frame? The "right" frame?
I don't want reinterpreting here, just my original 24 frames in,
coming back out at 24.
I'm afraid I have to redo it.
But it's more than just telling the lab to redo it. I have to bring a
heavy suitcases of negative and positive and spend two nights with
the technician mounting each reel and indicating which shots we need.
Some shots are only a few seconds. I had put threads in the sprockets
which are removed now.

At 20:22 +0000 10/07/10, edwin m wrote:
>you can sort it out, but it might be a slight headache. if you
>de-interlace the footage, you'll have 25p instead of 50i. the
>original progressive frames (that the scanner made) will have been
>separated into fields & paired into new interlaced frames (which the
>lab handed to you as video footage), & you'll just be separating
>those frames & using them to put the old ones back together. once
>you have 25p, you can just create a 24p project in your editing
>software, import the footage & re-interpret it to run at 24p. you
>can then output the final stuff as 24p, & get a lab to write that to
>film. it might create more headaches though when you come to slow
>down or speed up already heavily re-interpreted footage to recreate
>18p etc.
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