Re: [Frameworks] complex HD telecine question

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 10 2010 - 16:15:24 PDT

Don't transfer things shot at 24 fps in Europe where things are 25fps.

On 7/10/10 1:48 PM, "Pip Chodorov" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Thanks so much Robert ,
> I know about cinema tools and this will help us conform the interview
> footage shot at 25fps with the rest shot at 24...
> But in this case, the footage was transfered at 24fps to a 25fps tape! Argh!
> At 16:44 -0400 10/07/10, Robert Houllahan wrote:
>> If you have the film as a QuickTime and it was transfered at 25fps
>> film run to 25frame HD you can use apple cinema tools to change the
>> frame rate to 24fps. This is an instant change to the QuickTime header
>> and does no require a recompression or other time consuming render.
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