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From: Els van Riel (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 09 2010 - 05:00:14 PDT


In het kader van een Okno-workshop (zie lager), probeer ik de
opstelling uit voor twee nieuwe 16mm-filminstallaties:

-Just One Fall, over dat ene moment waarop de appel uit de boom valt
-Congres Clock, over de secondewijzer van de stationsklok in het
Brussels treinstation Congres

Ik ben benieuwd naar enige reactie, en nodig je hierom uit in les
ateliers claus vzw, Crickxstraat 15 Rue Crickx, 1060 Brussel

Vrijdag 16 juli, om 20h zijn de workshop-deuren (informeel) open voor
vrienden en kenissen.
Indien je graag wil langskomen op eender welk moment van de dag van
woensdag tot en met vrijdag (14-16juli), gelieve me dan even te
contacteren op 0478 201239.

graag tot dan,

Els van Riel



Within the frame of an Okno-workshop (please scroll down for more
info), I will try out the first set-ups for two new 16mm film-

-Just One Fall, contesting the seemingly obvious fact that we can see
apples fall from trees.
-Congres Clock, a reflection on the faltering hand of the clock in
the Brussels Congres Station.

I'm looking forward to receive any reaction on this work, and would
like to invite you in les ateliers claus vzw, Crickxstraat 15 Rue
Crickx, 1060 Brussel

Friday, July 16, at 8 pm the workshop doors are open for friends and
If you would prefer to pass by to take a look on Wednesday till
Friday July 14-16, at any moment of the day, please first give me a
call (0478 201239).

my best regards,

Els van Riel



Dans le cadre d'un atelier organisé par Okno (pour plus d'info voir
ici après), j'ai construit un premier essai pour deux nouvelles
installations film-16mm:

-Just One Fall, sur le moment ou la pomme tombe de l'arbre
-Congres Clock, une réflection sur la montre de la gare Bruxelles

J'aimerais vous inviter à venir jeter un coup d'oeil dans les
ateliers claus vzw, Crickxstraat 15 Rue Crickx, 1060 Brussel

Vendredi, Juillet le 16, à 20:00h, l'atelier est informellement
ouvert pour amis et connaissances.
Si vous préfériez passer Mercredi-Jeudi-Vendredi le 14-16, n'importe
à quel moment de la journée, nous pouvons faire un rendez-vous (0478

Merci et A bientôt,

Els van Riel


OKNO - artist run organisation for art and media technology - Brussels

TIK Launch Days July 14-15-16th

OKNO, ESC and Col-me present the Time Inventors' Kabinet Launch Days,
July 14-15-16th.
The event spans three days during which participants will get to know
each other in discussions, working sessions and presentations.
Topics cover the TIK-concept in all it's aspects, from connected
OpenGreen Gardens to time based content management, wind mills and
the various branches we've been gathering collectively on the wiki

As part of the event Els van Riel tries out two new 16mm installations:
Just One Fall, contesting the seemingly obvious fact that we can see
apples fall from trees.
Congres Clock, a reflection on the faltering hand of the clock in the
Brussels' train station Congres.

There is an informal public moment on Friday night, if you would like
to attend, please contact (address suppressed)

What is TIK?

... TIK is a project, an interest into ecology and media art, a
collaborative experiment with time ...
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time
control systems...
the creative tools we build to generate new audio and visual artworks...
a 'horloge a vent', an imaginary time keeping device regulated by the
irregular movement of the wind ...

Wind Clocks or the Time Inventors
A new ecological time concept for enjoying creativity, brought by an
international group of experimental artists, gardeners, engineers,
bricoleurs, managers, organizers, documentarists, writers, musicians,
but mostly new 21st century style inventors with non-conventional
minds. United they bring you manuals and advice, experience and
ideas, about how to make your own windclock and share your data over
the networks for the benefit of everyone.

Connected Open Greens or the Kabinet
The Kabinet, which stands for all-weather-conditioned city gardens,
abandoned agricultural and industrial spaces, or miniature parks on
your balconies and window sills. Come and see how you can expand your
creative space by participating in an artistic network and playground
for letting your creativity run wild. Ecologies are interactions
between organisms and their environment.

Development Labs and Local Distributors
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia,
Slovakia, etc...
Call us for distributors outside Europe!



OKNO Koolmijnenkaai 34 Quai des Charbonnages - Brussels - Belgium
openbaar vervoer/public transport/transport public : metro Graaf van
Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre, tram 51

With the kind support of the European Commission, the Flemish
authorities and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie).
Met steun van de Europese Commissie, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap en de
VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie).
Avec le soutient de la Comission Europeenne, Communauté Flamande et
la VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie).

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