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This is a comment in regards to Tony Conrad's observation of Buffalo law
enforcement. In my days of attending college in Buffalo (both Canisius and
SUNY/Buffalo 67-69) I was a radical anti war activist. The FBI and Buffalo
police were no different then. The FBI would be in many of my highly anti war
associates apartments waitng for them to come home from class or a
demonstration. The agents and/or police would pull out of their jacket pocket a
bag of weed, or something else and say "look what we found". Then my friends
would have to spend most of their time fighting the charges and not being

I was afraid Homeland Insecurity would come after me when I released Anaconda
Targets since I am not sure that the footage is unclassified. Luckily nothing
happened much to my relief.


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Subject: [Frameworks] xenon inverter

Hi! Im looking for a inverter to light a xenon bulp. anyone knows
somebody who has a rebuilt welding set, like the fimer k 164? The bulp is
currently a 900w, but the the inverter should work with 1600w with 100%
power-on-time. it is to get my bauer selecton II working. i know, i already
know some people with heavy electric rectifier in my near, but my studio is
already mucho stuffed. anybody from europe would be good coz of shipping,
but in case US would work, too...

best wishes from the bottom of the emulsion, Paul
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