[Frameworks] DIMINISH - Ritual video performance, Chicago

From: Raymond Salvatore Harmon (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 07 2010 - 20:32:52 PDT

Chicago Frameworkers,

I will be performing on Friday night at Heaven Gallery Chicago. This is my first video performance in Chicago in almost 4 years. Come out for an incredibly good time and some visual abstractions. I am performing with sound artist Todd Carter of TV POW.



JULY 9 2010 8PM
Heaven Gallery Chicago

DIMINISH - A Ritual Video Performance

Experimental video artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon present's an evening of psychedelic ritual video performance with the duo of RSH and Todd Carter (TV POW).
DIMINISH represents the border between the real and the unreal. The moment where psychosis devours reason, when thought is replaced by action, the virgin is sacrificed, the blood is spilt.
Auditory and visual landscapes for the subconscious, subliminal viral infection,
psychological mutations as brainwave entrainment.
"For Harmon, the visual density of the abstract imagery used will enable the viewer
to enter an almost hypnagogic, liminal state..." - Jack Sargeant
Heaven Gallery
1550 North Milwaukee, 2nd floor, Chicago
$5 on the door.
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