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Date: Mon Jul 05 2010 - 09:07:06 PDT

Simply that because it's made entirely of black and clear frames and
sound (white noise) and silence in equal measure, anyone could
reconstruct the film from its score.

Some bibliographical references: Kubelka, Peter: The Theory of
Metrical Film, 139-159 in:
Sitney, P. Adams (ed): 1978, The Avant-Garde Film: A Reader of Theory
and Criticism, New York: Film Culture/New York University Press.

Mekas, Jonas: 1967, Interview with Peter Kubelka, Film Culture Summer,
issue 44, New York: Anthology Film Archives, 43-47, reprinted in:

Gidal, Peter (ed) 1978: Structural Film Anthology, London: BFI

Nicky Hamlyn.

On 5 Jul 2010, at 00:13, Lundgren wrote:

> I remeber reading about Peter Kubelka saying something about that
> Arnulf
> Rainer was the only eternal film, that he would write down the
> concept/code/script/equation/whatever on a rock and then when all
> other
> works of cinema had faded away (by technical death or whatever) his
> could
> allways be recreated perfectly in its intended form.
> Anyway, what I was interested in was that form. Does anyone know if
> he ever
> spoke of the "code" or has anyone with access to a film copy been
> able to
> determine it?
> A secondary question is also this: What is the technical form of the
> "soundtrack"?
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