Re: [Frameworks] Film and Airport Security in India

From: Sonali (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 05 2010 - 08:11:30 PDT

I printed my own DO NOT X-RAY labels on sticker sheets from Staples and put them on each box. Kodak website might still have them and you might be able to download them. The Kodak logo on the DO NOT X-RAY makes it far more legit.

I carried both super-8 and 16mm 100 foot rolls for my bolex and just printed those labels and put them on the box. They just hand-inspected them in India. At JFK and in Paris, they used those wet wipe tests but no x-ray.

And I ran onto the same problem about getting 100 foot rolls in India when I ran out, so I just had a friend fedex me empty daylight spools and 100 foot boxes and I just spooled the 400 foot rolls into those daylight spools in a changing bag. You just have to be careful that you're winding it to have the emulsion on the right side. That's all.

Good luck with your shoot. And if you can't find those DO NOT XRAY labels on the KODAK website, let me know. I might still have em on one of my external hard drives.


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