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From: DOMINIC ANGERAME (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 04 2010 - 19:52:38 PDT

There also seems to be some problems in reproducing prints from Will's original material which exists in a very unique form. I am sure that Mark Toscano who has been attempting to restore Will's work for many years can explain to those interested in greater detail then I can. There is more to transfering films to digital formats than just copying a crummy old release print at Walgreens or CVS quality. Artistic integrity and quality and costs are major factors among many others.

Again I am sure the archivists can explain all the problems in greater detail than I can.


Dominic Angerame

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Isn't this mostly an issue of funding among other things? The process is expensive and would require the overview experts.

Myron Ort

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None of Will Hindle films exist on dvd Alee, in fact, most experimental celluloid films are NOT digitized and it is questionable if they ever can be.
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>hi folks. writing to see if anyone knows of a source to watch or own copies of Will Hindle films. I only know of renting prints from Canyon and would be surprised if there is a dvd or something online, but thought i'd ask here. Cheers.
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