Re: [Frameworks] Christmas on Earth: Audio, Randomness, Cinema

From: James Kreul (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 03 2010 - 20:05:06 PDT

First, thanks to David for a very helpful post.

David wrote:

> I had stuck a card explaining some of this into the CD when i sent the
> print back to FMC. I have no idea if the card or the CD are still with the
> print. If anyone wants copies of the tracks I made for any reason, just
> email me and I'll get you an .mp3.
> (Now that I've seen it once with the CD, I don't want to fix the
> experience to that one set of songs and ads.)
> Wouldn't the question be what works best for the audience seeing the piece
> for the first time? (Though again there's no one right answer.)
Forgive me if I'm repeating myself from the previous discussion (I can't
remember exactly when it was) but when I rented the film this past Fall the
CDs were in there, but one was severely damaged. (The silver material on
the recorded side had literally flaked off of parts of the disc.) As I
recall, the damaged disc was the music, DJ and advertising version, so I did
end up using one of the other options.

Despite my concern about using that same soundtrack each time I screened it,
I have to admit I missed having that version as an option for that
screening. So if that CD could be replaced that would be great. Otherwise
I would recommend that folks with interest in the film pursue the .mp3 as an
option (especially if you're screening it in a classroom context where
setting up the projectors in the first place is time consuming).

James Kreul
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