Re: [Frameworks] Eiki 16mm Projector

From: pablo de ocampo (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 01 2010 - 20:24:14 PDT

While the ELF is a make particular to the UK and Europe and not found in North America, as most folks point out, it is essentially the same thing as an NT-O. The one thing I will note is that while there are slots in the nowhere lab looper mount, they don't quite fit ALL Eiki projectors. I can't recall exactly, but I seem to remember that the SSL models might have a slight shorter handle mount, and the nowhere looper doesn't quite have enough range to hit both mounting holes. Well, at least on the one we have.

This is easily enough fixed by mounting the base of the looper to the handle directly. projector handle using zip ties or pipe clamps. the arms need to be adjusted differently to accommodate the different vertical height of the projector, but I've done this with no problem at all.


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