Re: [Frameworks] Eiki 16mm Projector

From: Noe Gaytan (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 01 2010 - 10:10:28 PDT

I am looking to buy, as renting for a 3 month period would be ridiculously expensive.
I am located in Claremont, California, US

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Elf and Eiki are similar, but the handle size may be different. The
NoWHere loopers screw into the top of the projector in place of the
handle. There should be a slot in place of a hole in order to account
for the different distances between scews on different projectors.
Are you looking to rent or buy one, and where are you located?
Pip Chodorov

At 9:57 -0700 1/07/10, Noe Gaytan wrote:
>I am trying to get a hold of a projector that is compatible with a
>loop machine from this web site:
>according to the site, the looper works best with Elf projectors,
>specifically NT1 and NT2.
>I dont know anything about projectors, but after doing some
>googling, i see that Elf is also known as Eiki.
>I couldnt find any shopping results for neither Elf NT1 nor Eiki NT1.
>Does anybody know where I can find a projector compatible with that
>looper, or what other names those projectors go by?
>Thank You,
>Noe G

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