Re: [Frameworks] Plus X Reversal discontinued

From: D Dawson (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 12:30:02 PDT

So is Kodak out of both Plus-X Reversal 7265 AND Plus-X Negative 7231 (I
know they are discontinued, but are they out of stock of both?)

Neither 7222 nor 7266 have the B/W look that I like, especially for outdoor
shooting. 7222 is way to grey, and 7266 has too much contrast and grain.
Both Plus-X stocks had a lot less apparent grain, and a perfect contrast for
outdoor shooting.

Deco Dawson

On 6/28/10 1:54 PM, "Roger Beebe" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Pip,
> The loss of Plus-X is a pretty big problem for those of us still fighting to
> teach 16mm in a university context. I teach a 16mm production class every
> third semester, and Plus-X has been my primary teaching stock for the first
> half of the semester. I guess we'll have to make Tri-X work now (although
> shooting outdoors in Florida means I'll have to teach them quickly about ND
> filters!). It's really disheartening to see the way that Kodak sabotages the
> efforts of the few remaining folks who are looking to initiate people to
> shooting (and finishing on) film. I know my 15 students every third semester
> doesn't account for a lot of Kodak's bottom line, but I also know that many
> students who've come through that class have gone on to shoot hundreds of
> rolls on their own projects after graduating.
> Going down with the ship.
> Roger
> On Jun 28, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Pip Chodorov wrote:
>> Three weeks ago I spoke to C.J. Johnson, world product manager at
>> Kodak responsible for Super-8. I called him because it's getting hard
>> to buy Super-8 from Kodak in Paris, even though they are releasing
>> new stocks. He confirmed that PLUS-X is gone, but TRI-X will remain
>> available.
>> He is excited about the new Ektachrome 100D, though he realizes it's
>> impractical to configure the cameras. I suggested he at least include
>> a blue filter in the box for indoor filming, because the cameras are
>> all equipped only with orange filters for Tungsten-balanced stock,
>> and he is considering. He loves the new Vision 3 stocks and will be
>> discontinuing the 200T vision 2 and replacing it with 200T vision 3.
>> He is also hoping to release 50D in Super-8. But these are negative
>> stocks and as of yet there is no printing material to make positives.
>> We spoke about that too.
>> He is open to suggestions and curious for comments, so if you post
>> them here I can forward them.
>> -Pip
>> At 9:39 -0700 28/06/10, Bernard Roddy wrote:
>>> Whoa! Called Kodak. Yes, Plus-X is discontinued and out of stock.
>>> There's still Tri-X. What an omen. Could a supplier discontinue an
>>> oil paint?
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