Re: [Frameworks] Plus X Reversal discontinued

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 09:51:36 PDT

Three weeks ago I spoke to C.J. Johnson, world product manager at
Kodak responsible for Super-8. I called him because it's getting hard
to buy Super-8 from Kodak in Paris, even though they are releasing
new stocks. He confirmed that PLUS-X is gone, but TRI-X will remain
He is excited about the new Ektachrome 100D, though he realizes it's
impractical to configure the cameras. I suggested he at least include
a blue filter in the box for indoor filming, because the cameras are
all equipped only with orange filters for Tungsten-balanced stock,
and he is considering. He loves the new Vision 3 stocks and will be
discontinuing the 200T vision 2 and replacing it with 200T vision 3.
He is also hoping to release 50D in Super-8. But these are negative
stocks and as of yet there is no printing material to make positives.
We spoke about that too.
He is open to suggestions and curious for comments, so if you post
them here I can forward them.

At 9:39 -0700 28/06/10, Bernard Roddy wrote:
>Whoa! Called Kodak. Yes, Plus-X is discontinued and out of stock.
>There's still Tri-X. What an omen. Could a supplier discontinue an
>oil paint?
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