Re: [Frameworks] Ektachrome 100D

From: Steven Gladstone (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 14:42:18 PDT

David Tetzlaff wrote:
I suggested he
>> at least include a blue filter in the box for indoor filming,
>> because the cameras are all equipped only with orange filters for
>> Tungsten-balanced stock,
>> and he is considering.

Too expensive, unless it is a gel filter, and then, too nutsy. If you
have a camera, get an 80B hard filter - glass, or even a cokin, and cut
it down (There are some camera shows around and I can pick up various
plastic Cokin filters for a buck each.

> I would suggest that a better approach to using 100D indoors is to get
> bluer artificial light. Many manufacturers offer CFL (compact
> fluorescent 'bulbs') in 'Daylight' color.

I REALLY like the Tiffen Compact florescents. Built a "salad" bowl light
with them (three porcelain fixtures built into a metal salad bowl for a
reflector. Daylight balanced (or close enough) and fairly high CRI - I
think they say 93. Also they flicker at 25,000 hz, so they are pretty
flicker free. Tiffen makes a few different wattages, ecven a 150 watt
(HUGE) but think of it like a 500 watt photo flood, dayligh balanced,
and only using 150 watts, and a lot less heat.

Beware though, I did try to buy them from B and H and they did
substitute another bulb because they were out, so make SURE it says TIFFEN.

Steven Gladstone
New York Based Cinematographer
Gladstone films

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