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Date: Sun Jun 27 2010 - 13:21:36 PDT

New DVD boxset offer!

Media Mash-Ups

a limited time only--let's call it the Summer Mash-Up Special--
Cinema Digital is offering a special
boxset of 5 discs for only $75 (plus shipping). These are recent
releases that
share an energized collage approach. Johan Grimonprez' hijacking piece
sets the bar high for compilations of news footage, while TV Sheriff
and Animal Charm take the low road with their hilarious cut-ups of TV
and corporate video, respectively.
Plus Negativland's double-disc set of A/V remixes, and the latest
SoCal-cult "collage-narrative"
from Craig Baldwin!

              Titles include:


                - Johan Grimonprez' "dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y"

                - TV Sheriff's "Not 4 $ale"

                - Animal Charm's "Golden Digest"

              - Negativland's "Our Favorite Things"

              - Craig Baldwin's "Mock Up On Mu"


              Selected Press Quotes:



Johan Grimonprez' dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y: "Exceptional for its juice, its
jazzy compelling fusion of social and aesthetic issues, and its
stomach-churning power."
末The New York Times

"A sense of urgency and a wrenching emotional attack." 末The Times (London)

TV Sheriff's NOT FOR SALE: "The inimitable manic media dementia dished
out by the TV Sheriff and his crazy crew is part radical Dadaist
subversion, part spot-on media critique and all parts totally
hilarious, outrageous remix mayhem." 末Holly Willis, LA Weekly

"If TV Sheriff was an aroma, it would require all three nostrils to
fully intake the exotic coagulation titled, 'Not For Sale'" 末Mark Mothersbaugh, DEVO

Animal Charm's GOLDEN DIGEST: "The Charm's remix, with jumps, loops and
new soundtrack either tells you what the video really meant or is
simply screaming back at the original, "You suck." What's interesting
about that? It's fucking hilarious." 末Mike Plante, Cinemad

Negativland's OUR FAVORITE THINGS: "Declared heroic by their peers for
refashioning culture into what the group considers to be more honest
statements, Negativland suggests that refusing to be original, in the
traditional sense, is the only way to make art that has any depth
within commodity capitalism..." 末The New York Times

Craig Baldwin's MOCK UP ON MU: "...an allegorical cyclone of images and ideas haunted by sardonic humor and gnostic longing" 末Erik Davis, Techgnosis

"...this new work hits your synapses like a cluster bomb, assailing
your tremulous gray matter with a barrage of cinematic fragments (most
recycled, some newly shot), miscellaneous rants and ruminations"末Manohla Dargis, New York Times

DVDs are NTSC, Region 0 (playable

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