[Frameworks] Mini-DV tapes, also?

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 23 2010 - 04:50:39 PDT

Greetings, Dominic,
I'm in the process of dumping my Mini-DV tapes onto HD, and won't need the tapes any more.
I'll have about 30-40 that have been runthrough a camera maybe 3-4 times.
They'd still have wahtever I recorded on them but, of course, could be erased and reused.
If people want to use whatever they discover on a tape, they'd be free to do that.

So: Are these tapes useful to you?
If so, where do I send them?

I wasn't sure at the bottom of your email you meant "don't contact me at "this" Frameworks address or don't contact me at "this" email suppressed,
so here goes.

Jeffrey Paull

On Sun 20/06/10 12:21 , DOMINIC ANGERAME email suppressed sent:
> I am looking for any working condition used mini dv video cams to donate to
> Cuban experimental filmmakers. Filmmakers in Cuba lack very essentials such
> as blank dvds, mini dv tapes, and especially cameras. Most of this is due
> to the US economic embargo.
> They mostly needed working condition cameras. The cameras do not
> necessarily need to be hd. I will bring them down in December when I
> travel for the film festival. I can put anyone who donates a camera in
> touch with the Cuban filmmaker who receives the camera so that a
> correspondence can be started.
> Many filmmakers are putting aside their old dv cams for the new hd cams.
> So this is an opportunity to recycle in a humanitarian way your old
> technology. I cannot afford to purchase any of the cameras, so please do
> not ask. I am willing to pay for shipment.
> If anyone is interested in donating their used working conditions please
> contact me
> email suppressed
> Please do not contact me at this email address
> Thanks
> Dominic Angerame
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