Re: [Frameworks] Converting old Filmo to use single perf:

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 22 2010 - 22:46:13 PDT

Maybe if I feel adventurous, I might try to convert my old 16mm filmo
with the double claw.
Here is someone's testimony, although I do not think I need the Super
16 conversion part:

  "To convert the pull down claws. Take all lenses off of the front
of the camera. Pull the center out of the nut holding the front
turret onto the camera (this is also an oiling point) remove the nut
and then carefully pull the turret off of the camera. There are three
spring loaded cams that might fly out if you yank the turret off.
What I did was tape the cams in. Then there is a circular shim that
needs to be removed. Next you need to make sure that the filmo is un-
wound hold down the button until the filmo stops. Then there are four
screws that need to come out - remove them and carefully pull the
front off of the camera. Have your hand over the run button as this
is spring loaded and will fly out - remove it and continue to pull
the front of the camera off. You might have to jiggle it a bit as it
comes out - no brute force. When you have the front off of the camera
you need to remove the gate to get at the pull-down claws. The gate
is held on by four screws and it has a spring underneath it that you
need to be careful of - do not loose it. This spring forces the side
plate against the film to hold it steady. Remove the gate and you
will notice that the pull-down claws are underneath - you need to cut
the furthest one off. I rotated the shutter out of the way and using
tape and large kimwipes (paper towels) covered anything that metal
filing might get into. I cut off the claw using a cutoff wheel on a
dremel. You can also attach a grinding wheel onto your dremel and
enlarge the portion of the front of the camera that the gate sits on
for s16 - don't enlarge the area right behind the lens as you are
libel to get light leaks as the shutter is right there and there is
not much metal making it light tight. Blow out any filings that might
have gotten past your kimwipes and tape. You can take a file to your
gate now to make it s16 - what I did was file off enough of the gate
so that the gate now ends parallel to where the cut/hole is for the
pull-down claw that you just cut off. I then put a polishing bit on
the dremel and polished the gate where I had filed it and also where
the old pull-down claw used to be as "picture" will be be there. To
reassemble the gate - place the side plate onto the gate and place it
on the front of the camera. Take the spring and place it under the
gate, hold the gate down while you push the spring under with a
jewelers screwdriver. When the gate is flush and the side plate is
pushed by the spring the carefully replace the two screws above the
spring, tighten them. Place the other guide and it's screws in place
and tighten them. Place the front back on the camera - jiggle don't
force. When you have the front on flush place the runbutton and its
spring in place. Push the run button in while you carefully lift the
front of the camera again, it just has to be lifted slightly for the
run button to go in - you want it in an intermediate position - not
all the way in and not falling out. Replace the four screws, replace
the shim. Place the turret onto the front until it hits the spring
loaded cams, then push the cams in with your jewelers screwdriver
while slipping the turret past them. Put the nut on the front of the
turret, and then replace the rivet from the center of the nut. Wind
and try. My camera is all reassembled and I have run film through to
scratch test and will be doing a film test to check for steadiness
etc. A cheap conversion for a cheap camera. By the way my gate is not
quite s16 .295 X .488 but is close and I can enlarge it later with
better tools (Milling machine). My camera - my two cents. "
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