Re: [Frameworks] Digest vs Individual Postings

From: Lawrence Daressa (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 18:46:03 PDT

Dear Pip,


The server here doesn't distinguish between ld and lgd which causes
confusion. Let's go with LGD and the digest format only. Thanks for your
prompt response.


Best Wishes



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Dear Larry,

you are signed up from two accounts: ld and lgd. That's why. One is set
to digest and the other to all posts.

Let me know what you prefer and I can configure them for you.

-Pip Chodorov






At 15:21 -0700 21/06/10, Lawrence Daressa wrote:

        Dear Frameworks,


        I just registered for digest listings but I'm still receiving
the individual postings. How can I unsubscribe to the latter without
unsubscribing to the former? Thanks for your help.


        Best Wishes

        Larry Daressa


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