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From: Deke Dusinberre (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 08:39:38 PDT

Hi all,

I know Frameworks is not quite the right forum for this request, but I
thought one of you might just have Film Culture #65–66 (1978) sitting
right there on your shelf--it's a hassle to track down a copy in
Paris, and I need the exact wording of two short phrases from Paul
Sharits' "Statement." They are located on pages 79–80, according to my
source. No desperate hurry. Below is my reverse-translation into
English of a French translation of Sharits' prose.
If anyone can effortlessly send me the accurate quotations, off list
(address below), I'd be most grateful.

... a "democratic cinema" that "exists in an open, public, freely
accessible space (this basic condition is automatically excluded by
the materialism of commercial movies shown in theatrical, directional,
illusionist venues)..."

[The presentation format would] "not impose a predetermined viewing
time (the spectator can come and go at will; the essential nature of
the film should be obvious from the first glance, as obvious as Nature
herself, so that the beholder does not have to wait for any so-called
'plot development')."

Paul Sharits, ‘Statement Regarding Multiple Screen/Sound “Locational”
Film Environments-Installation,' Film Culture 65–66 (1978), pp. 79–80.

Many thanks in advance,

Deke Dusinberre

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