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Date: Tue Jun 15 2010 - 07:14:17 PDT

Bright-Eyed Small Gauge
July 8, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Tears McFarlane House

Cinema Jou Jou IV
July 9, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Tears McFarlane House

TIE Monograph (limited edition):
This work of art covers an entire year of exhibitions, gatherings, films,
and programs. Original interviews, essays, letters, and reviews were created
exclusively for this monograph by other artists, filmmakers, writers and
friends. The design and production were created by Matter Studio. 150
monographs were produced. Each contain sixteen booklets that were hand-made
and sewn. The brilliant essays, interviews and reviews were printed on
beautiful fifty year-old typing paper. Full-color still cards and b&w
snapshot memories are embedded inside the silk-screened package.

 - Dipping Sauce (a film by Luther Price, interview with Luther Price,
conducted by Bill Storz)
- An Interview With Carolee Schneemann: Fuses (conducted by Christopher May)
- Mondrian Sprockets (a film by Steve McIntyre, reviewed by Jorge Lorenzo
Flores Garza)
- Cheesman Park, Summer (two Super-8 Exhibitions, in-review)
- Albert Sackl Retrospective (a review by Jesse Kennedy)
- Leather Hunk Lost in Warhol’s Void: Blow Job (a paper by Paul Gansky)
- Counter Girl Trilogy (an interview with Courtney Hoskins, conducted by
Matthew Perino)
- Films of the Third Reich Reconsidered: Exploring the Fleischarchive (an
interview with Thorsten Fleisch, conducted by Noah Manos)
- still (Tim Leyendekker discusses his work.)
- TIE Award (plus an interview with LIC/MVD co-founder Ángela López Ruiz)
- Acknowledgement of Key Figures
- The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and Animal
by Thomas Draschan and Stella Friedrichs (a review by Logan Corcoran)
- Silk plus Kittens Grow Up (films by Luther Price, reviewed by Jesse
- My Mess (a film by Jesse Kennedy, reviewed by Jorge Lorenzo Flores Garza)
- I Don’t Know: A Conversation with Jesse Kennedy about Language, Body, and
Horror by Rachel Cole

The TIE Monograph is available exclusively as a gift to all new and current
Friends of TIE.
To become a Friend of TIE, simply make any donation over $100. You may send
a payment to email suppressed via paypal.com or send a check
or money order to: TIE, 5531 Powers Center Pt., 103, Colorado Springs, CO
80920, USA.
Friends of TIE are recognized at various TIE events and publications
according to contribution level or may remain anonymous.

Programs in your region:
Film societies, universities, museums and other cultural institutions may
contact us directly: email suppressed or 719.466.3176.

Call for Entries:
TIE seeks films that challenge popular and conventional modes of the moving
image. From difficult and hand-made films to extraordinarily radical and
obscure compositions, TIE selects only outstanding celluloid cinema from the
outer-spaces of contemporary screen-culture. If a submitted film is
selected, the exhibition print must be film (8mm, Super-8, 9.5mm, 16mm,
35mm). All lengths are considered. Films from any era and year of completion
are considered. A nominal entry fee is required.

Film Submission Form:
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