[Frameworks] call for submissions

From: Bryan Konefsky (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 12 2010 - 09:49:15 PDT

Hi all, I'll post this call several times in the next
month or so just so everyone has a chance to see it.

Dear Frameworkers – if you recall, the Southwest Gay and
Lesbian Film Festival here in Albuquerque, New Mexico
asked me to curate a queer-minded experimental film
program for their festival last year (see last year’s
playlist below). The program was well received and they
asked me to return as a visiting curator. So, for those of
you who might be interested, please send your shorts to me
Bryan Konefsky
c/o Experiments in Cinema/Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film
PO Box 9337
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87119

For questions regarding your submissions contact me at
Bryank (at) unm (dot) edu

AND, if you are planning on submitting, please shoot me a
quick email so I can begin to get a sense of who is "out

Also see the Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival’s
website at http://www.closetcinema.org/ for a more general
sense of their programming.

If you are interested in submitting to the Queer X program
(what I am curating) please send the following and please
be sure that all materials arrive to my PO Box by the end
of July, 2010 (the festival happens Oct 8-14, 2010).
1. NO submission fee
2. DVD of your work
3. CD with stills, 75 word bio, 50 word synopsis
4. Your mailing address, phone #, email contact

OK, hope to hear from some of you soon.
Bryan Konefsky
Director, Experiments in Cinema
Visiting curator, Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Board of Advisors, Ann Arbor Film Festival

Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2009
QUEER X (TRT 74 minutes)

Charades by Ann Steuernagel (USA, 2009, 7 minutes) – World

F/F by Charles Lum (USA, 2007, 10 minutes) – New Mexico

The Contender by Gracie Bucciarelli (USA, 2006, 5.5
minutes) – New Mexico Premiere.

Filled With Water by Elka Kerkhofs (Australia, 2006, 4.5
minutes) – New Mexico Premiere.

Tokens by Julie Casper Roth (USA, 2007, 18 minutes) – New
Mexico Premiere.

Lash by Elka Kerkhofs (Australia, 2006, 5.5 minutes) – New
Mexico Premiere.

Perchance by Caryn Cline (USA, 2008, 3.5 minutes) – World

Fantasy Vision Meditation Megamix by Ivan Lozano (USA,
2008, 5 minutes) – New Mexico Premiere.

Strokes by Mika Kiburz (USA, 2007, 1.5 minutes) – World

Creeping Crimson by George Kuchar (USA, 1987, 13 minutes).

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