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Date: Sat Jun 05 2010 - 08:29:54 PDT

Scott, Chris, and others,

After some thought (and some important illumination from others), I'm guilty of reading far too much into this list without giving it any real contemplation. I think that Scott's remarks are closer to my intended original sentiment, and that Chris' analysis of how the "top" ratings were arrived at makes me feel much better about the exercise. Especially the point of how many films were likely just under the radar of the top 50.

That aside, what I would find more interesting and fruitful would be to get a chance to see all 46 lists. Then the idiosyncrasies of the poll participants would augment those of the filmmakers. I'm sure there are a ton of films that I want to see and haven't had a chance to, and I'd like to know about more of them! But how do I find these things? Seeing a list from someone that includes a number of my own favorites (or that contains none of my favorites, for that matter) would serve to point me in the right direction.

Additionally, I just searched for "best avant garde films" on google. The FSLC list is the #5 result, and is easily the most open attempt at establishing a collective list of "best" films on the first page of well as the "best list" (*this result taken from a survey of 1 participant ;).

-Jason Halprin

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hi there--
chris' advanced math skills aside -- i don't find the list weird at all.

the editor of the list co-programs Views. the editor of the list sent a "pre-selection" of titles to the 46 selectors which, included every film shown at views in the 2000's and a sprinkling of others from Wavelengths that didn't show at Views. these were the 'recommended' titles so to speak, although all selectors were invited to add their own, of course.

its been said before: Views skews way toward distinguished gentlemen from the US.
the list of selectors is mostly in this camp, with a sprinkling of women and folks outside the US.

so its not weird at all to me that the list lauds Mr. Klahr, (and not just because he voted!) and crew, because IMHO it was a pre-determined self-congratulatory exercise.

as all such lists of this ilk are...

scott in toronto

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