5/18 film screening in Boston

From: m. nikiforova (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 13 2010 - 18:52:15 PDT

Hello film peeps,

Our May 18th screening will be the last at the Loring-Greenough House, with a possibility of starting back up in September. Watch lghfilm.blogspot.com and Facebook (ugh!) for updates on the series.

Doors open at 7, show starts around 7:30. See you there!


2009, 12 minutes, 16mm
In Groundplay, Robert Todd uses his 16mm camera as a microscope, nosing about in a world on a different scale. The sensitive instrument does not perceive objects, but dives into the empty spaces between them. The focus shifts to a new world filled with structures, grit and dust barely perceptible to the naked eye.
(from Rotterdam)

Kyle Glowacky -- IOKA
2010, 20 minutes, 16mm
IOKA is a portrait of Exeter, New Hampshire's historic 1915 movie house. It recently closed down in 2008 due to the strict state fire codes and the need for upgrades, economic recession and lack of patronage.

Ethan Feldbau -- PLASTIC
2008, 18 minutes, 16mm
The poetic fable of a neglected special education student, who spends his adolescence reshaping himself to be more like the bullies of his youth.

Stefan Grabowski -- JOHNNY KILRAPER and the ARBITER of SILENCE
2009, 20 minutes, shot on 16mm and projected on video
Existentially lost, alcoholic ex-detective, Johnny Kilraper, must overcome his own self-loathing in order to stop international crime lord Klaus 'the Grouse' Richter from receiving a mystical jewel known as 'the Arbiter of Silence.'

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