This week [May 8 - 16, 2010] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat May 08 2010 - 05:46:25 PDT

This week [May 8 - 16, 2010] in avant garde cinema

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"SHIPYARD" by michal

Accolade Competition (La Jolla, CA, USA; Deadline: May 28, 2010)
The Indie Fest (La Jolla, CA, USA; Deadline: April 30, 2010)
4rd IN OUT Festival 2010 (Gdansk; Deadline: September 01, 2010)
FREEDOM SPARKS VIDEO/FILM FESTIVAL (New York City; Deadline: May 31, 2010)
1st Annual MIY (Make It Yourself) Contest: The 60 Second Hand Job Presented (Winnipeg, Manitoba ; Deadline: June 05, 2010)
Indie Fest (La Jolla, CA, USA; Deadline: July 30, 2010)

25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival (Zagreb, Croatia; Deadline: June 01, 2010)
Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria, BC, Canada; Deadline: June 04, 2010)
Festival of (In)appropriation (Los Angeles, CA, USA; Deadline: May 15, 2010)
Contemporary Arts Center (Las Vegas, NV; Deadline: May 10, 2010)
Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas (RISC) (Marseille (France); Deadline: May 15, 2010)
36th New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival (Jersey City, NJ; Deadline: May 14, 2010)
19th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (Hot Springs National Park, Ark; Deadline: May 24, 2010)
Another Hole in the Head: Horror/Grindhouse Cinema (san francisco; Deadline: May 26, 2010)
Accolade Competition (La Jolla, CA, USA; Deadline: May 28, 2010)
FREEDOM SPARKS VIDEO/FILM FESTIVAL (New York City; Deadline: May 31, 2010)
1st Annual MIY (Make It Yourself) Contest: The 60 Second Hand Job Presented (Winnipeg, Manitoba ; Deadline: June 05, 2010)

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 * Calarts Film/Video Showcase [May 8, Los Angeles, California]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 8, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 8, New York]
 * Essential Cinema: Laurel & Hardy Program [May 8, New York]
 * Essential Cinema: Classics of the Twenties [May 8, New York]
 * Noel Lawrence/J.X. Williams Program [May 8, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 8, New York]
 * Lunchfilm [May 8, Providence, RI]
 * Sat. 5/8: Ant Farm + Megan Prelinger's Atomic-Age Artifactuality [May 8, San Francisco, California]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 9, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 9, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 9, New York]
 * Walden [May 9, New York]
 * Walden [May 9, New York]
 * Starting To Go Bad-New Narratives By Pat O'neill [May 10, Los Angeles, California]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 10, New York, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 10, New York, New York]
 * Berkeley Arts Festival 2010: Luciano Chessa [May 11, Berkeley, California]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 11, New York, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 11, New York, New York]
 * Gomorrah [May 11, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Blast Phemy! #4 – “Under Glass” [May 12, Los Angeles, California]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 12, New York, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 12, New York, New York]
 * Premiere of New Films By Nathaniel Dorsky [May 12, Paris, France]
 * The Pharaoh's Belt + the Thief of Bagdad [May 13, Columbus, Ohio]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 13, New York, New York]
 * All Circuits On: Jamie Davidovich [May 13, New York, New York]
 * Ddr/Ddr [May 13, New York, New York]
 * Berks Area Film & video Show [May 13, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * De Luce [May 13, San Francisco, California]
 * Presence: A Celebration of Millennium Film Journal No. 52 [May 15, New York, New York]
 * Other Cinema, 5/15: Potter-Belmar Labs + People Like Us + [May 15, San Francisco, California]
 * Murder and Murder With Yvonne Rainer In Person In Discussion With
    Catherine Lord [May 16, Los Angeles, California]

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Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8pm, 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

  The School of Film/Video presents a juried selection of new live-action
  works by filmmakers in the Program in Film and Video and the Film
  Directing Program. Animation showcases are held at the Academy of
  Television Arts and Sciences. This showcase includes 8pm screenings each
  evening from Thursday, May 6th through Saturday, May 8th. Free |
  Reservations: 213 237-2800

New York: Anthology Film Archives
3:45 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  by Amie Siegel 2008, 135 minutes, video. NEW YORK THEATRICAL PREMIERE
  RUN! FILMMAKER IN PERSON OPENING NIGHT! "The films of artist Amie Siegel
  deftly transform heady philosophical musings – about history,
  psychoanalysis, voyeurism, modernist design, cinematic narrative – into
  elegantly playful and provocative mosaics of carefully loaded images and
  pointed associations. … The restrained self-reflexivity and deadpan
  humor that unite Siegel's films lend them a rich meta-cinematic
  dimension that actively questions the limits of traditional nonfiction
  cinema." –HARVARD FILM ARCHIVE DDR/DDR, the latest feature by Amie
  Siegel, is a multi-layered and disarmingly beautiful essay on the German
  Democratic Republic and its dissolution, which left many of its former
  citizens adrift in their newfound freedom. Featured at the 2008 Whitney
  Biennial, the film weaves together mundane Stasi surveillance footage,
  interviews with psychoanalysts, East German "Indian hobbyists", and
  lolling shots of derelict state radio stations into an extended and
  self-conscious assemblage to meditate on history, memory, and the shared
  technologies of state control and art. "Siegel's 'ciné-constellation'
  DDR/DDR combines vérité interviews with staged dialogue to excavate East
  German traumas associated with both the Socialist state and
  reunification. Siegel's lens finds filmic lessons, too, in her analysis
  of Stasi information operations and her inquiries into the suppression
  of psychoanalysis in the DDR. Lying on a daybed in what was formerly a
  Stasi director's office, Siegel intones a series of equivalencies into
  the camera: 'Psychoanalyst as Stasi; Stasi as psychoanalyst; filmmaker
  as psychoanalyst; filmmaker as Stasi; Stasi as filmmaker.'" –Michael
  Wang, ARTFORUM "[Siegel's] polymathic style recalls COUNTDOWN (1990),
  Ulrike Ottinger's account of the two Germanys uniting their currencies.
  DDR/DDR also evokes Godard's SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (1968), a
  provocative essay mixing a Rolling Stones session, Black Panther
  rhetoric, and Native Americans…. DDR/DDR is an alluring and allusive
  dossier." –Bill Stamets, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 8th

New York: Anthology Film Archives
3:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  "Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are the movies' greatest comic duo, the
  quintessential dumb and dumber odd-couple. Though critically
  overshadowed by Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd, they were enormously
  popular, and proved a major influence on Abbott & Costello, Lucille Ball
  & Vivian Vance, and Jackie Gleason & Art Carney, not to mention Samuel
  Beckett (they were an inspiration for WAITING FOR GODOT), Roman Polanski
  (who paid homage to them in his existentialist short films FAT AND LEAN
  and TWO MEN AND A WARDROBE), and Ken Jacobs (whose ONTIC ANTICS
  deconstructs one of their films)." –David Mulkins COUNTY HOSPITAL (1932,
  20 minutes, 16mm, b&w) Directed by James Parrott. THE MUSIC BOX (1932,
  30 minutes, 16mm, b&w) Directed by James Parrott. THEM THAR HILLS (1934,
  20 minutes, 16mm, b&w) Directed by Charley Rogers. TIT FOR TAT (1935, 20
  minutes, 16mm, b&w) Directed by Charley Rogers. Total running time: ca.
  95 minutes. Screening as part of the series ESSENTIAL CINEMA

New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Fernand L?ger with Dudley Murphy BALLET M?CANIQUE? (1924, 19 minutes,
  35mm, b&w. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives.) Francis Picabia with
  Ren? Clair ENTR'ACTE (1924, 22 minutes, 35mm, b&w) Man Ray LE RETOUR ?
  LA RAISON (1923, 2 minutes, 16mm, b&w, silent) ?TOILE DE MER (1927, 13
  minutes, 16mm, b&w, silent) EMAK BAKIA (1927, 18 minutes, 35mm, b&w,
  silent) Marcel Duchamp with Man Ray ANEMIC CINEMA (1926, 7 minutes,
  35mm, b&w, silent) Total running time: ca. 85 minutes.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Curated by Noel Lawrence In this film program and presentation, the J.X.
  Williams Archive opens its vault to screen a collection of cinematic
  'fragments' from its holdings. FRAGMENT OF AN UNIDENTIFIED WORK BY J.X.
  WILLIAMS, ARTICLE #306 (1970s, 2 minutes, 16mm) This fragment is of
  unknown origin but may have come from BLACK MESSIAH, a U.S.-Italian
  co-production that J.X. Williams directed in 1975. FRAGMENT OF AN
  16mm) This climactic sequence probably came from the lost Williams film
  AIRPORT '73 (distributed under the title AIRPORT HOLOCAUST in Europe).
  It presents a series of apocalyptic tableaux that eerily presage the
  destructive force of 9/11. SEX CRIMES OF THE 21ST CENTURY (1973, 10
  minutes, 16mm) With John Holmes and Marilyn Chambers; music by Bruce
  Haack; produced and directed by J.X. Williams. "I had fled the U.S.
  because of an obscenity rap (again) and was doing a porn shoot up North
  in Toronto. I actually had a respectable budget for once and we flew in
  some top talent like John Holmes and Marilyn Chambers. We even had
  enough money to commission a bizarro-electronic soundtrack by some local
  goof named Bruce Haack who recorded (get this) children's records for a
  living. The production was unremarkable besides the presence of an
  uncredited producer who later cast Marilyn in a horror film he directed.
  He also stole footage from me to use in his film but that's showbiz.
  Unlike yours truly, he became real famous so I won't mention his name.
  Anyway, I only have the first ten minutes of the film. I don't know what
  happened to the rest of it but the film wasn't very good anyhow." –J.X.
  Williams, from the forthcoming documentary THE BIG FOOTNOTE FRAGMENT OF
  16mm) The last four minutes of a European co-production that Williams
  later disavowed. (The director is listed as "Rex Williams" in the
  credits). THE 400 BLOW JOBS (1960, 3 minutes, 8mm) While banished to the
  Hollywood blacklist, Williams wrote and directed over 200 stag films
  over a period of fifteen years. Decades before PULP FRICTION and FORREST
  HUMP, Williams perfected the art of the porn parody with films such as A
  STREETWALKER NAMED DESIRE and HIGH POON. This wickedly funny take-off of
  Truffaut's 400 COUPS is one of the few remaining artifacts from this
  period in Williams's filmography. J.X. WILLIAMS' L.A. (2009, 39 minutes,
  video) Directed by Noel Lawrence & Chris Manz. In mid-century L.A., no
  other figure came to define the ambition and the excesses of Hollywood
  more than J.X. Car bombs, police raids, exploitation films, and an
  escaped gorilla all played a role. Accompanied by cultural critic and
  documentarian Chris Manz, Williams 'expert' Noel Lawrence takes the
  viewer on a tour of Los Angeles and discusses the various places,
  people, and events that made up the colorful life of Mr. Williams.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 7th, 6:30 pm.

Providence, RI: AS220
9:30 pm, AS220 115 Empire Street

  "Truly independent films are made from the gut. Mike Plante's Lunchfilm
  concept is basic: a filmmaker is taken out to lunch and in exchange, the
  filmmaker agrees to make a short film. The budget-- the same cost as the
  lunch. A contract is drawn up on a napkin and includes both rules and
  ideas for inspiration. At times poetically real or languidly artistic,
  the resulting Lunch films offer a variety of stunning taste" Featuring
  videos and film by:Tom Barndt Bobcat Goldthwait James Graham Brent Green
  Sam Green Aza Jacobs Braden King Jake Mahaffy Sarah Soquel Morhaim Ben
  Russell Elizabeth Skadden Naomi Uman and Lee Lynch Randy Walker and
  Jennifer Shainin

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30 PM, 992 Valencia St.

  The West Coast debut of Laura Harrison and Beth Federici's feature doc
  What If, Why Not? Underground Adventures with Ant Farm delves into the
  work of that renegade '70s architecture collective, best known for its
  iconic land-art installation-piece in Amarillo, TX—Cadillac Ranch.
  Radical architects, video pioneers (Media Burn, Eternal Frame), and
  mordantly funny cultural commentators, the Ant Farmers (Chip Lord and
  Curtis Schreier here in person, Doug Michels deceased) built a body of
  subversive work that questions the status quo by posing a set of
  creative and comedic alternatives, mashing up Bucky Fuller and NASA with
  a love of trashy backyard Americana. Preceded by: Ms. Megan Prelinger,
  everyone's favorite librarian, with an amazing array of archival media
  artifacts from one of her marvelous Cabinets of Curiosity. Her nuanced
  readings offer personal guidance on this half-hr. tour of Space Race
  oddities, including the Birth of the Orbis Electronic Computer, All
  About Polymorphics, and home movies from the China Lake Weapons Center.
  TV dinners, Pop Rocks & Coke, and other explosive drink specials!

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010

New York: Anthology Film Archives
3:45 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 8.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 8.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 8.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
3:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  DIARIES, NOTES & SKETCHES (WALDEN) by Jonas Mekas 1969, 180 minutes,
  16mm, color, sound. New print by Cinema Arts Inc. Special thanks to
  Michael Kolvek, Fran Bowen (Trackwise), and Pip Laurenson (Tate Museum).
  Filmed 1964-68; edited 1968-69. "Since 1950 I have been keeping a film
  diary. I have been walking around with my Bolex and reacting to the
  immediate reality: situations, friends, New York, seasons of the year.
  On some days I shot ten frames, on others ten seconds, still on others
  ten minutes. Or I shot nothing. When one writes diaries, it's a
  retrospective process: you sit down, you look back at your day, and you
  write it all down. To keep a film (camera) diary, is to react (with your
  camera) immediately, now, this instant: either you get it now, or you
  don't get it at all." –J.M. "I make home movies – therefore I live. I
  live – therefore I make home movies." –from the soundtrack.

New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  See program notes for May 9th, 3:30 pm.

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010

Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8:30pm, 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

  World premieres Pat O'Neill, one of Los Angeles' most eminent
  independent filmmakers, makes his REDCAT debut with three new videos
  that continue a discourse between the visible world and language, and a
  striking 35mm film, Horizontal Boundaries (2008, 23 min.), whose
  systematic reconfiguration of landscape into a moving frieze is more
  akin to memory than description. Best-known for his densely layered,
  virtuosic abstract films that create magical, evocatively incongruous
  visual landscapes, O'Neill carries these and other concerns into a new
  terrain of digital video. He has titled two of his debut videos after
  sentences taken from a 1921 phrasebook for aspiring American citizens: I
  Open the Window (2009, 18 min.) and I Put Out My Hands (2009, 10 min.).
  Both are episodic encounters between wooden and marble objects and the
  earth's surface, as seen from an airliner's window. The third video,
  Starting to Go Bad (2009, 30 min.), a journey in which "storytelling and
  pictorial development proceed along separate paths," says O'Neill,
  "inviting the viewer to find, or invent, connectivity."

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010

Berkeley, California: Berkeley Arts Festival
8 PM, future Judah L.Magnes Museum 2121 Allston Way

  Please expect a series of works for Dan Bau or Piano. Some works may
  include other performers and/or involve some kind of picture in motion
  and/or and/or and/or. MAY 11 BERKELEY ARTS FESTIVAL 2010 — $10 With any
  luck, the program will feature Tomboy (a barefoot collaboration with
  Terry Berlier for piano and video), Movements and Reliquary (two
  collaborative pieces with Rick Bahto for dan bau and 16mm film
  projection), San Luigi Nono (my latest attempt to reconcile composition
  and musicology) and—perhaps—Topical Singer, a new sound sculpture that
  may greet you as you arrive. Warning: other instruments may be heard in
  the performance. They could include Hohner Harp, and possibly a Mouth
  Bow. It will be to-a-degree—somewhat—to-some-extent OPEN Luciano Chessa

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers,Inc
7:30 pm, Albright College Center for the Arts

  Gomorrah (2008, 37 mins) by MATTEO GARRONE "…[each of the characters] we
  follow in Garrone's adaptation of Roberto Saviano's 2006 book on the
  Camorra thugs plaguing Naples resides on the lower end of the criminal
  food chain. The more we see how delusions of grandeur and desperation
  force average citizens into increasingly dead-end situations, the
  clearer Gomorrah's bigger picture becomes. Never mind the world of
  bada-bing and overstylized bang-bang that you normally associate with
  Mafia epics. This is a portrait of a region so infected with corruption
  that the infrastructure is rotting from the inside out. … A longtime
  social realist who isn't above dropping in bits of guilty-pleasure
  grotesquerie, Matteo Garrone had already established himself as one of
  the few notable talents in contemporary Italian cinema. … His deft
  handling of multiple perspectives and deconstruction of screen myths
  suggests that he's a born maker of mosaic movies. Every story strand
  informs the others, creating a devastating 360-degree view of how
  organized crime impacts the country's everyday people. Once the shooting
  stops, all that's left is the damage done."- David Fear, Time Out New
  York (2008 Grand Prize Winner, Cannes Film Festival; and Independent
  Sprit Award for Best Foreign Film) (Italian with English titles)


Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
8:00 pm, Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax Ave.

  NewTown, Los Angeles Filmforum & Cinefamily Present: Blast Phemy! #4 –
  "Under Glass" A Mid-week Music/Media Mashup! Phone: 323-655-2510 "Under Glass" Featuring
  Carl Stone, sound, and Carole Kim, media installation With guest Paul
  Outlaw Tickets $13 general; $9 for Cinefamily, Filmforum, and NewTown
  members. Advance purchase recommended, available at: Our fourth show in the
  ongoing Blast Phemy! series features two masters in their respective
  media combining for a radical new experience. Musician/composer Carl
  Stone and media artist Carole Kim join forces for the first time in an
  evening of experimental sound and image. Plugging into both their
  interfaces will be the multi-faceted performer Paul Outlaw. These
  pioneers transcend the post-everything with an astute celebration of
  hybridity. Carl Stone squeezes and strokes the visceral spontaneity and
  excitement of a mad-genius rock star from his otherwise innocent Mac
  Laptop. Carole Kim coalesces the sensitivity of improvisational
  performance with digital technology, exploring the quicksilver
  architecture of her layered video projections. These two pioneers
  transcend the posteverything, ultra-cool insularity of today with a
  brazenly emotional yet intellectually astute celebration of
  individuality. The works of Ms Kim and Mr. Stone have graced every known
  continent, and then some. This is a one-time show, an alchemical
  experiment not to be missed.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

Paris, France: Centre Pompidou
7:00 PM (1900), Pompidou Center

  Sarabande (2008, 15 minutes) Compline (2009, 19 minutes) Aubade (2010,
  12 minutes) Winter (2008, 22 minutes)

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010

Columbus, Ohio: Wexner Center for the Arts
7 pm, 1871 N. High St.

  The recipient of a special citation for experimental work from the
  National Society of Film Critics, Lewis Klahr's The Pharaoh's Belt is an
  epic collage-animation journey through a midcentury suburban boy's
  imagination. As Klahr's longest film to date, Belt turns an astonishing
  range of advertising imagery into a surreal domestic playground where a
  child's subconscious tries to free itself from "the morass of Betty
  Crocker chocolate icing, Formica kitchens, and parental phantoms toward
  a mastery of the imagination and the attaining of true love." (Tom
  Gunning) (43 mins., 16mm) Another journey into a world of fantasy and
  imagination, The Thief of Bagdad is one of the most spectacular fantasy
  films ever made. Based on The Arabian Nights, the film is full of
  wondrous special effects, color, and adventure as a prince teams up with
  a boy (played by Sabu, in his most famous role) to travel through a land
  of marvels, magic, heroism, and romance in an attempt to regain his
  royal title. Codirected by the great Michael Powell. (106 mins., 35mm)

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:30 pm, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30pm, 32 Second Avenue

  ALL CIRCUITS ON PRESENTS: In the spirit of the Cabaret Voltaire, Jaime
  Davidovich brought artistic entertainment to cable access with his
  legendary variety program THE LIVE! SHOW (1979-1984). Davidovich returns
  to ALL CIRCUITS ON for an evening of information overload that we are
  calling ADVENTURES OF THE AVANT-GARDE. Why? Because tonight he will
  guide us on an eye-popping art-historical tour through the golden days
  of television and radical art in the 20th century. Along the way we'll
  visit with such soothsayers and showmen as Ernie Kovacs, Tristan Tzara,
  Marcel Janco, Marcel Duchamp, and Winky Dink. Also on the bill will be
  the world premiere of two early Davidovich video works, INTERIORS (1976)
  and ADVENTURES OF THE AVANT GARDE (1981). Expect visual layers and
  polyphonic excess as our maestro conducts a cacophonous real-time
  pile-up of cross-dissolves and jump-cuts! ALL CIRCUITS ON is produced in
  close collaboration with Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), one of the
  world's leading nonprofit resources for video and media art since 1971.
  For more info visit:

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:15, 32 Second Avenue

  See notes for May 7th, 6:30 screening.

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers,Inc
7:30 pm, Albright College Center for the Arts

  Recent works in various media by local film and video artists and
  students; makers will be present to introduce their work.

San Francisco, California: Artists Television Access
8 PM, Artists Television Access, 992 Valencia St at 21st

  The San Francisco Art Institute has had a long tradition of fostering
  the development of artists working with film and video in uniquely
  personal ways, and who have gone on to become successful artists,
  educators and curators. For many who have gone through the program,
  Janis Crystal Lipzin has been a strong mentor and role model. As an
  interdisciplinary artist committed to filmmaking she has created a body
  of work that utilizes alternative photochemical processes, installation
  and performance to explore personal, political and environmental issues.
  This program features her newest work, a handmade Super-8/digital hybrid
  entitled De Luce 1: Vegetare, alongside a decade's worth of work by
  alumni including Alexis Bravos, Brian Traylor, Chris Kennedy, Christina
  Battle, Elizabeth DiGiovanni, Jeremy Menzies, John Palmer, Kai-Ting
  Chuang, Karen Johannesen, Rick Bahto, Tsen-Chu Hsu, and Vanessa O'Neill.
  Admission is sliding scale, starting at $6, please pay what you can
  afford. Proceeds from tonight's program will be donated to the SFAI
  Faculty Union's legal fund as they continue their struggle against the
  unjust layoffs of nine tenured faculty members, including Janis Crystal
  Lipzin. Arbitration begins on April 30, 2010 and the union needs to
  raise $10,000 to help defray the expected $50,000 legal bill. If you
  can't make it to the screening but would like to lend support to the
  Faculty Union in their struggle, donations of any size are much
  appreciated, and can be made directly to the Union at For
  more information, including advance program notes, please visit

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop
8pm, 66 East 4th Street

  In marking the recent publication of the Millennium Film Journal No. 52,
  entitled: PRESENCE, we will be presenting a number of works by artists
  written about in this issue---- ANGEL BLUE SWEET WINGS (3 min.-1966) &
  ANSELMO (4 min.-1967), by CHICK STRAND, MYTH LABS (7½ min.-2009) by
  BATHER (3 min.) by GEORGE GRIFFIN, THE COLOR OF LOVE (10 min.-1994) by
  PEGGY AHWESH, and a work by TERRY FLAXTON.----"The acknowledgement of
  presence emerges from a fundamental respect for authorial intentions,
  paralleled by a questioning of the extent to which intentions can be
  realize­d, and an understanding that intentions are often discovered
  during the processes of production. Presence rejects meaning as distinct
  from the art object and its impact. Presence is the transformation of a
  spectator's heartbeat into a pulsating light show; the flash of an
  artist's animation through the window of the subway; the daily
  experience of a video game reorganized into a time-based memorial for a
  close friend." - An excerpt from the introduction to issue No. 52, by
  Jessica Ruffin and Grahame Weinbren.----Admission: $8/$6 members

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30 PM, 992 Valencia St.

  Rolling in on the Starlight Express, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay
  Stevens are back again in our live-cinema lab with another completely
  new A/V performance. The couple creates a real-time mix of improvised
  cinema, manipulating audio and video, weaving sampled media and original
  work, cut-up and stitched back together on the fly. It's been called
  "the storytelling of the future." We are honored to host them as they
  move up the West Coast, returning by popular demand! Opening the show is
  a half-hr. ensemble of old and new works, hot off the hard drive of our
  English ally Vicki Bennett (PLU), another practitioner of cut-and-paste
  collage, where found footage is re-contextualized with a Surrealistic
  edge. Vicki is posting her greatest hits, plus these three debuts:
  Parade, Skewed Gardens, and an exclusive mini-marvel for OC! *$7.

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  Los Angeles Filmforum presents MURDER and murder with Yvonne Rainer in
  person in discussion with Catherine Lord Part 8 (of 8) of Bodies,
  Objects, Films: An Yvonne Rainer Retrospective Over the course of our
  2009-2010 seasons, Filmforum has been proud to present Los Angeles's
  first full retrospective of the media works of Yvonne Rainer. One of the
  most significant artists in dance and film of the last fifty years, her
  innovations in both fields are deep and influential. We conclude the
  series with Rainer's last feature film, MURDER and murder. Each
  appearance by Rainer will feature a Q&A led by a different moderator, to
  discuss with her varying aspects of her approaches to her art and life.
  Tonight's Q&A will be led by Catherine Lord, artist, writer and
  professor at UC Irvine. Admission for Filmforum screenings: $10 general,
  $6 students/seniors, free for Filmforum members Advance ticket purchase
  available through Brown Paper Tickets at

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