16mm projecors and motion sensors... and digital projectors

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2010 - 04:31:39 PDT

hello all...

not sure if my last message got through, as i just rejoined the list,

has anyone out there done any work incorporating 16mm film projectors
with motion sensors?
just looking for some practical tips in order to avoid reinventing the

as for the digital projector question, i"ll weigh in on that as well,
since i've been researching them for our centre.

in addition to looking for lumens and contrast, it's also important to
make sure that you don't get a projector that has a problem with
rainbow effects. this is a problem on some lower end HD projectors
where fast movement with high contrast subjects creates rainbow trails
in the wake of the movement. it can potentially be very noticeable
and annoying. there are some great websites that review projectors
and most of them will comment as to whether or not the rainbow effect
is present or not.

you can get HD projectors for as low as $1000 now, but they're not
very good, and bad HD projection is worse than mediocre SD
projection. there is a good panasonic one at $2500 (Canadian $)
(sorry i don't have the model number here at my breakfast table...
it's at work), and in order to get better than that, you're up in the
$6000 range.... and some reviews claim that there's no point below the
$10,000 range... i however think that's insane and plan to spend
$2,500 on something "that-will-do-the-trick"

playback is also an issue, but i think other people have already
touched on that.

anyhow... yup. lemme know if any of you, or anyone you know has done
work with 16mm projectors and motion sensors.


amanda dawn christie
(now in the booming metropolis of sackville, [it may be a small town,
but we've got a great traffic light... ])

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