Re: Petition to Eastman Kodak RE: 7265 and 7231

From: graeme hogg (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 30 2010 - 05:28:59 PDT

On a similar chord I wonder how people feel about the ultimate
end of film, ie the (some feel) inevitable mass replacement of film
for solid state technology?

My own view is that every single cinema in the world should together form
a Union and take the position that current technology is adequate for its
purpose and that the so called 'technological advancement' implicated in
the DCI strategy is nothing more than a mass profiteering exercise.

I am a machinist and film projectionist/technician, if it all goes I am
less interested in becming a PIC/software/data engineer. I hazard to guess
that I am not alone in the world.

Driven hard enough and, arguably, film manufacturers will be rendered
obsolete and as they operate mass industrial programmes, will cease
to sustain film manufacture as a specialised product (as in obsolete not
necessarily meaning 'out of business' eg the impossible project).

Exhibition, presentation etc , call it what you will has done well in its
side of the deal. But I feel it thought all along that it was a
marriage and not a relationship conducted through a one way mirror.

Make no mistake about it, unless 'users' of film unite across the entire
spectrum of its applications it will go forever, the end of 65 & 31 stocks
being a simple sign of that scaling down.

Or perhaps a large team of people could offer Kodak to take over the film
manufacturing system and run it for the love with a big canteen to feed
everyone and a dorm to sleep in?

> Below is a link to a petition requesting Eastman Kodak continue production
> of low speed Black & White camera stocks
> 7265 and 7231. Please help by endorsing the petition and continuing to
> circulate to individuals and organizations who you feel would be interested
> in supporting this effort.
> 40 Frames will send the completed petition on to Eastman Kodak.
> Regards,
> Alain LeTourneau
> Pam Minty

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