Migrating Forms 2010: FULL PROGRAM announced, May 13 24 at Anthology

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Date: Tue Apr 27 2010 - 00:46:36 PDT

May 14–23, 2010
Anthology Film Archives, New York
Full Program Announced!

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Migrating Forms announces the complete program of its second annual
festival, running Friday, May 14th through Sunday, May 23rd at Anthology
Film Archives in New York. Expanding from five days to ten, the 2010 edition
of Migrating Forms will present a program of new works by 60 artists
representing a broad spectrum of contemporary film and video practices, and
nearly a dozen guest-curated and retrospective screenings. Migrating Forms
developed from the New York Underground Film Festival (NYUFF) (1994–2008)
and is directed by former programmers of the NYUFF, Nellie Killian and Kevin

2010 Closing Night
Migrating Forms announces the theatrical and New York premieres of three
recent videos by Los Angeles-based artist Stanya Kahn, Sandra (31 min.,
2009), Kathy (40 min., 2009) and It’s Cool, I’m Good (35 min., 2010), as the
closing night screening of the 2010 festival.

Working primarily in video, with a practice that includes performance,
writing, and photography, Stanya Kahn’s work inhabits a space between
fiction and document, and stems from an extensive background in live
performance. She has worked in a collaborative team with artist Harry Dodge
and her work has shown in numerous venues nationally and internationally
including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Museum of
Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Sundance Film
Festival; ZKM, Karlsrühe; P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; among

Sandra features Kahn’s mother, initially speaking to the camera as witness
to document her burial wishes. With Kahn shooting, the conversation becomes
an “interview” as Kahn’s mother recalls the ridiculous and the difficult in
her past as a shipyard worker, partner of a petty thief, and member of an
armed revolutionary organization.

In the video Kathy, the remembered and the spontaneous meet in footage Kahn
shot and edited over the course of two years of her closest friend.
Occasionally flashing back to video from more than ten years ago, Kahn
locates the friendship in time, but primarily in longstanding conversations
about motherhood, depression, and the role of language in surviving trauma.

In It’s Cool, I’m Good, Kahn resumes her familiar place in front of the
camera, this time bandaged and injured, a protagonist who is at once
selfless and narcissistic, verbose and elusive, vulnerable and manipulative.
Paralleling the ways in which jokes compress and expand meaning, Kahn
organizes the narratives along the lines of a psycho-emotional unpacking,
with less concern for linear time or plot arcs. (Kahn)

2010 Opening Night
Migrating Forms announces the United States premiere of Kevin Jerome
Everson’s Erie (2010) as the opening night screening of the 2010 festival.
Erie is the Ohio-born, Virginia-based artist’s fourth feature-length
project, followingSpicebush (2005), Cinnamon (2006) and The Golden Age of
Fish (2008), all of which received their New York premieres at NYUFF.
Spicebush won the 2005 Jury Prize at NYUFF for Best Documentary.

Everson is also the prolific maker of more than seventy short films and videos
since the late 1990s. His work is regularly exhibited internationally, at
venues including the International Film Festival Rotterdam; Sundance Film
Festival; Images Festival, Toronto; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the
Pompidou Centre, Paris; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York;
REDCAT, Los Angeles; Whitechapel Gallery, London, among others.

"Erie consists of a series of single take shots in and around communities
near Lake Erie. The scenes relate to a Black migration in the USA,
contemporary conditions, folks concentrating on the task at hand, theater
and famous art objects.

"I’m hanging out, coolin’, on the frames that connect the necessity and the
coincidence. Formally, that is.With a sense of place and historical
research, my films combine scripted and documentary elements with rich
elements of formalism. The subject matter is the gestures or tasks caused by
certain conditions in the lives of working class African Americans and other
people of African descent. The conditions are usually physical,
social-economic circumstances or weather. Instead of standard realism I
favor a strategy that abstracts everyday actions and statements into
theatrical gestures, in which archival footage is re-edited or re-staged,
real people perform fictional scenarios based on their own lives and
historical observations intermesh with contemporary narratives. The films
suggest the relentlessness of everyday life — along with its beauty — but
also present oblique metaphors for art-making.” (Everson)

Across 22 programs, Migrating Forms will showcase films and videos by 62
artists living and working in 21 countries including Canada, China, Czech
Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Nepal,
Norway, Palestine, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland,
Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States in the festival of new

Paul Abbott • Peggy Ahwesh • Kamal Aljafari • Kutluğ Ataman • Stephanie
Barber • Eric Baudelaire • Richard Bott • Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz •
Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore • Lucien Castaing-Taylor • Patty
Chang • Declan Clarke • Phil Collins • Moyra Davey • Lav Diaz • Barry Doupé
• Redmond Entwistle • Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty • eteam • Kevin Jerome
Everson • Harun Farocki • Luke Fowler • Cyprien Gaillard • David Gatten •
Benj Gerdes & Jennifer Hayashida • John Gianvito • Asher Hartman • Liza
Johnson • Stanya Kahn • Kent Lambert • Andrew Lampert • Andrew Lampert &
Saul Levine • Lars Laumann • Dani Leventhal • Zhao Liang • Sharon Lockhart •
Ruth Maclennan • Shana Moulton • Deimantas Narkevičius • Shahryar Nashat •
Jesper Nordahl • Nira Pereg • Ben Rivers • Michael Robinson • Lynne Sachs
Matthew Savitsky • Nina Schwanse • Alexandro Segade • Amie Siegel •
Stephanie Spray • Jean-Marie Straub • Jean-Marie Straub & Daniéle Huillet •
Corin Sworn • Mark Ther • Mungo Thomson • Leslie Thornton • Robert Todd


Friday, May 14
8:30pm - Opening Night
Eire (81 min., USA 2010) dir. Kevin Jerome Everson
United States Premiere
Tickets: mferie.eventbrite.com

Saturday, May 15
Group Program 1
Soy Mi Madre (29 min., Ireland/Mexico 2009) dir. Phil Collins, Populus
Tremula (9 min., USA 2010) dir. Benj Gerdes & Jennifer Hayashida, Belfast
Trio (9 min., UK 2009) dir. Redmond Entwistle, In The Air (22 min., USA
2009) dir. Liza Johnson
Tickets: mfgroupprogram1.eventbrite.com

Group Program 2
Gathering (5 min., USA 2009) dir. Robert Todd, 54 Days This Winter 36 Days
This Spring for 18 Minutes (16 min., USA 2009) dir. Dani Leventhal, Golden
Hour (16 min., USA 2009) dir. Robert Todd, Into The Unknown (20 min.,
Lithuania/UK 2009) dir. Deimantas Narkevicius, If There Be Thorns (13 min.,
USA 2009) dir. Michael Robinson
Tickets: mfgroupprogram2.eventbrite.com

Three Recent Films by Jean-Marie Straub
Le Genou D’Artemide (26 min., France 2008), Itinériare De Jean Bricard (40
min., France 2008), Le Streghe, Femmes Entre Elles (21 min., France 2009)
United States Premiere
Tickets: mfstraub.eventbrite.com

Group Program 3
My Way 1 (10 min., USA 2009) Dir. Amie Siegel, My Way 2 (13 min., USA 2009)
Dir. Amie Siegel, Kari & Knut (11 min., Norway 2010) Dir. Lars Laumann,
After School Special (20 min., Canada/UK 2009) Dir. Corin Sworn, [sic] (15
min., France/Japan 2009) Dir. Eric Baudelaire
Tickets: mfgroupprogram3.eventbrite.com

Soziale Plastik I
programmed by Brian McCarthy
David Cronenberg’s Stereo (65 min.,Canada 1969) inaugurates this series, to
be continued at ISSUE Project Room in the fall, on Joseph Beuys and video
abstraction. Cronenberg’s film will be screened with work by Leslie
Thornton, Stom Sogo, and Ben Russell.
Tickets: mfsoziale.eventbrite.com

Sunday, May 16
Group Program 4
Wolfs Froth / Amongst Other Things (15 min., UK 2009) dir. Paul Abbott, The
Task of the Translator (10 min., USA 2010) dir. Lynne Sachs, to the horse
dream of arms (5 min., USA 2010) dir. Stephanie Barber, Prim Limit (32 min.,
USA 2009) dir. eteam, Trans Trans (Transformers Transformed) (12 min., USA
2009) dir. Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghy
Tickets: mfgroupprogram4.eventbrite.com

Journey to the Moon (79 min., Turkey 2009) dir. Kutluğ Ataman
United States Premiere

Petition (124 min., China 2009) dir. Zhao Liang
Tickets: mfliang.eventbrite.com

Group Program 5
Ape of Nature (22 min., USA 2010) dir. Peggy Ahwesh, Kept Alive (23 min.,
Israel 2010) dir. Nira Pereg, My Necropolis (32 min., France/USA 2009) dir.
Moyra Davey, Bethlehem (8 min., USA 2009) dir. Peggy Ahwesh
Tickets: mfgroupprogram5.eventbrite.com

Monday, May 17
Made in Hollywood (56 min., USA 1990) dir. Bruce & Norman Yonemoto
Presented by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), Introduced by Bruce Yonemoto
Tickets: mfyonemoto.eventbrite.com

The Golden Mean dir. Andrew Lampert and Saul Levine (61 min, USA 2009)
New York Premiere
Tickets: mflampert.eventbrite.co

Tuesday, May 18
Vapor Trail (Clark) (264 min., the Philippines/USA 2010) dir. John Gianvito
New York Premiere
Tickets: mfgianvito.eventbrite.com

Wednesday, May 19
In Comparison (61 min., Germany 2009) dir. Harun Farocki
Tickets: mffarocki.eventbrite.com

NDP Exchange Program
programmed by Matt Keegan & James Richards
Presented by North Drive Press
Tickets: mfndp.eventbrite.com

The t.A.T.u. Project (56 min., Russia/Sweden 2009) dir. Jesper Nordahl
Tickets: mfnordhal.eventbrite.com

Thursday, May 20
Butterflies Have No Memories (58 min., The Philippines 2010) dir. Lav Diaz
Tickets: mfdiaz.eventbrite.com

As Long As There's Breath (57 min. Nepal/USA 2009) dir. Stephanie Spray
New York Premiere
Tickets: mfspray.eventbrite.com

My Crasy Life (95 min., France/USA 1992) dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin
(retrospective: part 1 of 3)
Tickets: mfgorincrasy.eventbrite.com
Friday, May 21

Routine Pleasures (France/USA 1986) dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin (retrospective:
part 2 of 3)
Tickets: mfgorinroutine.eventbrite.com

Ed Ruscha: 16mm films
A rare East Coast presentation of the seminal American artist's only film
works, Premium (24 min., USA 1971) and Miracle (28 min., 1975).
Introduced by Linda Norden
Tickets: mfruscha.eventbrite.com

Tube Time!
Teams led by Triple Canopy’s Sam Frank, Rhizome’s Ceci Moss and filmmaker
Jessie Stead present their most overboard online finds of the year, week or
moment for this annual, tournament-style screening.
Tickets: mftubetime.eventbrite.com

Saturday, May 22
Group Program 6
I Know Where I’m Going! (29 min., USA 2009) dir. Ben Rivers, Minor (24 min.,
China/USA 2010) dir. Patty Chang
Tickets: mfgroupprogram6.eventbrite.com

Group Program 7
Whispering Pines #9 (10 min., USA 2009) dir. Shana Moulton, Hard Feelings (5
min., USA 2010) dir. Richard Bott, Kegel (10 min., Switzerland 2008) dir.
Shahryar Nashat, Whose Toes (33 min., Canada 2010) dir. Barry Doupé, Cities
of Gold and Mirrors (9 min., France 2009) dir. Cyprien Gaillard
Tickets: mfgroupprogram7.eventbrite.com

Retrospective: Kerry Tribe
This survey of the Los Angeles/Berlin-based artist Kerry Tribe’s moving
image works created over the past fifteen years tracks her continued
exploration of the limits, failures and crises of cognition. Tribe will
present and discuss her projects made for screening and those made for
Tickets: mftribe.eventbrite.com

Poto and Cabengo (77 min., France/USA 1976) dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin
Tickets: mfgorinpoto.eventbrite.com

Group Program 8
I hate…what? (16 min., Czech Republic 2009) dir. Mark Ther, Gay Acting Class
(9 min., USA 2009) dir. Alexandro Segade, For Sale, Cougar (14 min., USA
2009) dir. Asher Hartman, Homegrown (1 min., USA 2009) dir. Nina Schwanse &
Matthew Savitsky, All That Sheltering Emptiness (7 min., USA 2009) dir. Gina
Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Fantasy Suite (7 min., USA 2009)
dir. Kent Lambert, Puppy (2 min., USA 2009) dir. Matthew Savitsky, Charming
for the Revolution (11 min., USA 2009) dir. Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz,
k-a-t-e-(s) (11 min., USA 2010) dir. Nina Schwanse
Tickets: mfgroupprogram8.eventbrite.com

Sunday, May 23
Group Program 9
Thalé (5 min., Canada 2009) dir. Barry Doupé, Journals and Remarks (15 min.,
USA 2009) dir. David Gatten, ((((( ))))) (8 min., USA 2010) dir. Leslie
Thornton, The High Trail (7 min., USA 2010) dir. Lucien Castaing-Taylor,
Three Short Films on Hawks and Men (14 min., UK 2009) dir. Ruth MacLennan,
Film For Invisible Ink, case no.142: Abbreviation for the Dead of Winter
[diminished by 1,794] (13 min., USA 2008) dir. David Gatten, The Varieties
of Experience (8 min., USA 2009) dir. Mungo Thomson
Tickets: mfgroupprogram9.eventbrite.com

Group Program 10
Podwórka (30 min., Poland/USA 2009) dir. Sharon Lockhart, Loneliness in West
Germany (16min., Ireland, 2009) dir. Declan Clarke, Monuments (30 min.,
UK/USA 2009) dir. Redmond Entwistle
Tickets: mfgroupprogram10.eventbrite.com

Port of Memory (63 min., Palestine 2009) dir. Kamal Aljafari
New York Premiere
Port of Memory follows the family of the filmmaker after they receive an
order to evacuate their home in Ajami, Jaffa’s once-prosperous sea-front
neighborhood. Their lives and those of other residents are thrown into
disarray as they lack the means to fight back. Radically poetic, Port of
Memory is a reflection on the absurdity of being at once absent and present
as a Palestinian living within Israel today. (Barbican)
Tickets: mfaljafari.eventbrite.com

A Grammar for Listening (Parts 1-3) (56 min., UK 2009) dir. Luke Fowler
New York Premiere
"How to create a meaningful dialogue between looking and listening? Luke
Fowler’s film cycle A Grammar for Listening (parts 1-3) attempts to address
this question through the possibilities afforded by 16mm film and digital
sound recording devices." (LUX)
Tickets: mffowler.eventbrite.com

8:30pm - (Closing Night)
New Videos by Stanya Kahn
New York Premiere
Three recent videos, Sandra (31 min., USA 2009), Kathy (40 min., USA 2009)
and It's Cool, I'm Good (35 min., USA 2010), by the Los Angeles-based artist
Stanya Kahn.
Tickets: mfkahn.eventbrite.com

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