Festival of (In)appropriation 2010 Call for Entries Reminder

From: Jaimie Baron (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Apr 25 2010 - 11:27:23 PDT

* * * * * * Reminder: The deadline for entries for the 2010 Festival of
(In)appropriation is* **May 15*! * * * * * *

*Los Angeles Filmforum invites film and videomakers to take part in the 2010

*WHO:* All film and videomakers

*WHAT:* Call for entries for the Festival of (In)appropriation*

*WHEN:* Entries must be received by May 15, 2010.

*WHERE*: Send submissions to Jaimie Baron, 10480 National Blvd. #308, Los
Angeles, CA 90034

*PRESENTED BY:* Los Angeles Filmforum

*CONTACT*: Jaimie Baron: email suppressed

Santa suit in July? Brussel sprouts for breakfast? Cat in the bathtub? Fish
on a bicycle? All of these things are possible, but they are just “not
done.” At least, in our view, not often enough! Of course, the notion of
what is “appropriate” always depends on context – the right time and the
right place. What is permissible in one context may not be so in another.
Indeed, the “inappropriate” is all about what is in the “wrong” place and at
the “wrong” time, which is exactly where we think it should be. Mash-up,
machinima, remix, collage, compilation, found footage, détournement – these
terms all refer to films and videos that tear materials from one (con)text
and place them in another, constantly questioning the limits of what is
“appropriate.” At its best, this act of (in)appropriation may produce
revelation that leads viewers to reconsider the relationship between past
and present, here and there, truth and lie, intention and subversion.

With that idea in mind, Los Angeles Filmforum invites submissions for the
2010 Festival of (In)appropriation – our third festival! We are open to all
works that appropriate film or video footage and repurpose it in
“inappropriate” ways. We will consider both films and videos, including
works that are made up entirely of found footage and those that only use
small segments of appropriated material. We are especially interested in –
but certainly not limited to – films that put history into question and
films that explore the ways in which digital technologies are reconstructing
our relationship to preexisting audiovisual materials. Particular
consideration will be given to films that repurpose materials in an
inventive way and to films that are under 20 minutes long. We will only
accept work finished in 2008 or later.

The Festival of (In)appropriation will take place at in Fall 2010, specific
date TBA.

Curated by Jaimie Baron, Andrew Hall, and Madeleine Gallagher.


   - Submission deadline: May 15, 2010· Please send all submissions in
   DVD format to: Jaimie Baron, 10480 National Blvd. #308, Los Angeles, CA

   - Submissions must be 20 minutes or less and must contain some form of

   - Acceptable submission formats: DVD and VHS

   - Acceptable exhibition formats: mini-DV, DV-Cam, 16mm film, 35mm film,
   DVD (but discouraged, since DVD is not a reliable projection medium).

   - Please include: title, filmmaker, running time, a 30-word or less
   synopsis, and contact information (phone and email).No submission fee, but
   please send only good films

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