Stereo Sound and Sight - April 24th, San Francisco

From: Walter Funk (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 21 2010 - 10:01:52 PDT

Stereo Sound and Sight - A night of independent stereoscopic
productions, featuring several innovative alternative stereoscopic
techniques plus live music

April 24th, 2010 8:30pm, $7.77

ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia (@ 21st), San Francisco


Kerry Laitala, maker behind The Muse of Cinema brings an extraordinary
new dimension to our microcinema screen...that is, of DEPTH! This true
Frisco original has seized upon a retinal quirk, the ChromaDepth
Effect, and gleefully exploited the phenomenon with a delirious dose of
Kodachrome. This stereoscopic spectacular is accompanied by the
electronic hues of phonic faves Eats Tapes. Preceding the Chromatic
Cocktail serving is the high craft of 3-D vets Pad McLaughlin and Bob
Bloomberg, with Pad's own debut Strata, Bob's Day of the Dead
ethnographic, and a 3-wall in-depth immersion! In the Landing Area,
Hologlyphics will be showing Stereoscopic video synthesis without 3D
glasses, along to live music. Infinite views are available from
multiple perspectives. All imagery is generated in real-time and



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