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From: Carl Lee (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 15 2010 - 12:25:48 PDT

Hi all - Bill Brown asked me to forward this message to the listserv.....

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From: *Bill Brown* <email suppressed>>
Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 1:56 PM
Subject: Helen Hill Film Fund 2010!

Hi everyone,

We're very excited to announce the first ever recipients of the Helen
Hill Film Fund filmmaking grant: Seana Kozar of Canada and Lori Damiano
of the U.S.A.

Thanks to everybody for sending their work. Part of the reason the
decision took so damn long was that the work you sent was so damn good.
The judges had a really hard time making up their minds.

We're accepting submissions for the next round, and we'd love it if
you'd apply again.

As always, feel free to give me a holler if you have any questions.

Very best,

bill brown

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