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Date: Mon Apr 12 2010 - 16:53:15 PDT

I need your birthdate and other bits and pieces of info in order to purchase
this ticket. Call me when you get a chance.

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> The 2007 Rocky Mountain Hand-Made Filmmaking Camp
> July 24 - August 1, 2010
> This week-long intensive course, held in the foothills of the Colorado
> Rocky
> Mountains, explores and explains the physical and chemical nature of the
> medium and its hand-made photographic possibilities. Its goal is to create
> an open and artistically charged environment where experiment, discovery,
> and questioning can yield new and exciting results and inspiration. It is
> open to beginners and veterans alike, requiring only a desire to understand
> the medium, its nature, applications, and role in an artistic life.
> Beyond offering in-depth tools and techniques focused on participantsı
> creation of their own hand-made films, the week is also structured to
> foster
> meaningful dialogue with other filmmakers and their work through
> screenings,
> discussions, visiting filmmakers, and immersion in the aesthetic
> possibilities of hand-processed film. The weekıs principal guide and
> teacher is Robert Schaller, an experimental filmmaker and innovator of
> hand-made and interdisciplinary processes who has run the Handmade Film
> Institute since 2003, after teaching at the University
> of Colorado, the San Francisco Art Institute and the San Francisco Film
> Arts
> Foundation.
> The Camp takes place amidst aspen groves, ponderosa pine forests, and
> wildflowers in an idyllic setting located in the Rocky Mountains, 45
> minutes
> northwest of Boulder, Colorado, at an elevation of 8,200 feet. The setting
> is conducive to an intense focus on the work at hand while providing
> immersion in the beauty of the natural world, and just minutes away from
> the
> wilderness areas of the Colorado Front Range. The week features local,
> organic vegan gourmet fare by our chef extraordinaire, Cynthia Sliker, so
> all you have to do is think about filmmaking!
> The Camp begins Saturday, July 24th and runs through Sunday, August 1st.
> Visit for details.
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> The 2009 Wilderness Filmmaking Expedition
> August 7 - 15, 2010
> Spend a week making films in a remote wilderness area of the high Colorado
> Rockies. We're just back from honing our equipment and thinking in Jamaica
> (at the Jamaican Film Workshop), and have a host of refinements and new
> experiences to apply this year!
> This will be a truly unique event, combining an immersion in the wilderness
> with an immersion in zero-emmissions, self-carried, handmade filmmaking.
> We
> will shoot film, process it under the stars, edit, and project, surrounded
> by the majesty of the high mountains. This is not just a class, but a
> transcendent experience of what filmmaking can be, with the wilderness
> itself as the vast and endlessly fascinating subject.
> This trip will be strenuous and is limited to 6 participants. It is
> certain
> to be unforgettable. Last year's trip was a great success; watch a trailer
> of the documentary we made about it at:
> For details, visit our website at
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