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From: gregg biermann (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 09 2010 - 05:51:31 PDT

    Archeology of the Image: Retrospective of Experimental Cinema in Uruguay

    * Sunday, April 11 at 7:30 pm // $7 Suggested Donation
    * Angela LÚpez Ruiz on hand for a discussion along with Bill Brand
      and Mark Street following the screening.
    * UnionDocs is located at 322 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn <> for Tickets and More

This program is presented with CINEMA TROPICAL

Uruguayan visual artist, film historian, and curator Angela LÚpez
Ruiz presents "/Archeology of the Image"/, a review of the history of
Uruguayan cinema between the 20s and the 70s. Ruiz's research makes
connections between cinema and other artistic disciplines during the
modern age, and how these "blank pages" have had their effect on
contemporary thinking. The evenings program will be divided into two
parts showcasing Uruguayan experimental cinema; the first looking at
historical films and the second contemporary pieces. Following this
will be a panel discussion with LÚpez Ruiz, Bill Brand, and Mark Street.

*LÚpez Ruiz will also present the 1958 short /Color /by Lidia GarcŪa
MillŠn as part of the Orphan Film Symposium
<>'s closing program on Saturday
evening, April 10: Around the World Time Travel Diary (1897 -- 2010).*

*Historical Uruguayan Experimental Cinema*

A selection of prizewinning Uruguayan films at the Festival de Cine
Experimental y Documental (Festival of Experimental and Documentary
Cinema) organized by CineArte SODRE between the 1950s and the 1970s. It
is part of a research project called "Archaeology of Image", which has
its origins in the almost complete loss of the archives of CINEARTE in
the fire that took place in the 70s. This fire was a watershed in local
film production, since the dictatorship severed the spaces generated by
the said festival, thus bringing this unique experience to an end, an
experience that subverted the hegemonic values of commercial cinema and
turned Montevideo into a ground-breaking city.

*Contemporary Uruguayan Experimental Cinema *

This portion connects contemporary film production with historical
production. Its aim is to reveal their common factor, the emphasis on
the "poetic image". These films are a proof of the results arising from
a particular conception of the moving image, where the micro is
amplified by the light crossing the image, and by using a local dialect,
engages in dialogue with global cinema. The filmmakers use film as a
basis for their cinematic discourse, regardless of the ultimate formats
their images adopt during exhibition.

*This program was made possible with the generous support of **FundaciÚn
de Arte Contemporaneo* <>* and the **National
Image Archive -SODRE-*

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