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From: Ed Inman (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 31 2010 - 13:44:52 PDT

In the 70s I had to deal with the "REM-jet" backing just as Jeffrey describes when processing Ektachrome Super 8 film in the old E-4 kits. Never had that problem when doing Kodachrome in B/W Reversal chemistry. Kodachrome processed not that different from Plus-X Reversal as I recall. But that was 35 years ago using orange dichromate bleach (most b/w reversal kits now use the purple permanganate bleach). Can't say for sure what the results now would be.

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>Unfortunately, unlike all other colour films, Kodachrome brand has its colours added in the Kodachrome chemicals,
>so there are no colour molecules in the film itself. So there's no way to get any colour, regardless of any surprise renditions'
>even if you developed it in any brands of E-6 or C-41 colour kits.
>Kodachrome, because it's assumed to be processed in industrial machines on an industrial scale,
>has a backing or coating made out of carbon "dust" in a water-soluable base.
>The industrial machines clean this off in a way that this "paint" doesn't stick to the film as it moves along the process.
>On a personal scale, you'd have to remove this backing, in complete blackness, with a small wet rag.
>And you'd have to do this along the whole long wet strip of film without schmeering any of this
>wet black "paint" on the image.
>It can be done, but you'd have to have some sort of set-up and practice (and disappointment and gloppy pictures first)
>before you got the hand of it.
>Maybe somebody else knows easier ways to get rid of that black layer that's called a REM-jet layer.
> Jeffrey Paull
>On Tue 30/03/10 15:52 , Viktoria schmid email suppressed sent:
>> has anyone experience with developing kodachromefilms with especially
>> foma-b/w-chemistry or any other b/w-chemistry?are there any nice
>> effects or will it be just a normal black and white film? I know
>> it's a shame to waste the nice colour-stock, but I can't
>> afford it to send it to Kansas...
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