Re: kodachrome developing b/w

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 31 2010 - 13:07:17 PDT

Unfortunately, unlike all other colour films, Kodachrome brand has its colours added in the Kodachrome chemicals,
so there are no colour molecules in the film itself. So there's no way to get any colour, regardless of any surprise renditions'
even if you developed it in any brands of E-6 or C-41 colour kits.

Kodachrome, because it's assumed to be processed in industrial machines on an industrial scale,
has a backing or coating made out of carbon "dust" in a water-soluable base.
The industrial machines clean this off in a way that this "paint" doesn't stick to the film as it moves along the process.

On a personal scale, you'd have to remove this backing, in complete blackness, with a small wet rag.
And you'd have to do this along the whole long wet strip of film without schmeering any of this
wet black "paint" on the image.
It can be done, but you'd have to have some sort of set-up and practice (and disappointment and gloppy pictures first)
before you got the hand of it.

Maybe somebody else knows easier ways to get rid of that black layer that's called a REM-jet layer.

     Jeffrey Paull

On Tue 30/03/10 15:52 , Viktoria schmid email suppressed sent:
> has anyone experience with developing kodachromefilms with especially
> foma-b/w-chemistry or any other b/w-chemistry?are there any nice
> effects or will it be just a normal black and white film? I know
> it's a shame to waste the nice colour-stock, but I can't
> afford it to send it to Kansas...
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