40 Frames announces 16mm Directory

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 27 2010 - 12:25:58 PDT

40 Frames announces 16mm Directory, now in beta testing


16mm Directory is a technical resource directory for supplies and services
related to 16mm exhibition. The directory is by no means exhaustive, rather
it’s an attempt to collect a large portion of the information available on
the internet and catalog it on one site as an information hub.

16mm Directory recently added a new feature, the 16mm Marketplace, an area
of the site devoted to buying and selling equipment, technical manuals and
books, filmstock and other accessories related to 16mm filmmaking and
projection. Take a look at what's currently posted and sign-up for RSS feeds
to be notified when equipment you are looking for is posted. There is also
the option to post items that you Want to Buy.


Thanks to a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, 40 Frames was
able to cover the initial website development costs, however 16mm Directory
will need to garner on-going support to cover operating costs, keep the site
up-to-date, and eventually expand the scope of content to include the areas
of post-production and production.

Organizations, businesses and educational programs interested in supporting
the directory can do so as Sponsors, while individuals
who wish to help maintain the availability of information appearing in the
directory can make Donations.
More info here - http://www.16mmdirectory.org/support.

Thank you to those organizations and individuals who have stepped forward to
lend their support!

*Development Partners*
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Samuel Miller, Roomtone www.roomtone.org

*Sponsor *
California Institute of the Arts School of Film/Video

*Individual Donors*
Su Friedrich
Ed Halter
Kerry Laitala
Andrew Bujalski
Bill Brown
Jason Halprin
Bernard Roddy
Chris Chase
Gary Lacher


Pam Minty
Alain LeTourneau

Alain LeTourneau
Pam Minty
Attention: Pam Minty
PO Box 15207
Portland, OR 97293
+1 503 231 6548
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