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Date: Fri Mar 19 2010 - 12:32:53 PDT

Bernard Roddy’s offering is a welcome deflection in a valued direction for FRAMEWORKS.


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So you want a book on film that won't rehearse the avant-garde, amateur, or modernist preoccupations with the medium. First, do not search under "film." Consider, for example, this:

Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film (Verso, 2002), by Giuliana Bruno, awarded several prestigious prizes

“A hugely ambitious mapping of the complex intertwinings of film, architecture, and the body. We think of film as a predominantly visual medium, but Bruno insists that it is as much about the positioning and movement of the body in space... This adventurous book will be of interest to anyone concerned with what we might call ‘mobility studies': the attempt to understand cultural performances not as the manifestation of fixed structures but as the expression of restless energies.” — Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University

This takes us through Situationist psychogeography, emotional map making, the art of travelogues, "Installation and Film Exhibition," the museum as cinema, fashion's use of space, Greenaway, La Jetee, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Wings of Desire, Maray, Muybridge, and a chapter on Rosselini's Voyage in Italy with sections called "A Physiology of Love" and "Soundscape: An Orgiastic Cult of Noise."

If a book could restore the interest of film studies to artist's film, this is it.



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