Tinting film with blood

From: Charles Chadwick (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2010 - 23:27:09 PDT

Hey all. I was wondering, I've been toying with the idea of tinting
film with blood for nearly the last ten years without really actually
making an effort to do it. But now in a current project I'd like to
maybe do so. I guess I was just going to try to soak some b/w super8
in a vat of animal blood for an hour or so and then let it dry. I'd
like to then transfer it to video, but obviously the lab won't let it
touch their projector until the film is totally clean, so I was also
wondering if the blood will actually stain the film to the extent that
some trace of it will be left after being cleaned off with film
cleaner or otherwise? I know the obvious answer would be to not clean
it and simply optically print it onto color 16mm, but I'd like to
avoid that if possible. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!


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