Re: X-ray film

From: Patrick Friel (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 12 2010 - 14:08:24 PST

Hi Joan,

Took the liberty of changing the subject line.

Sounds like Barbara Hammerıs SANCTUS??

Patrick Friel

On 3/12/10 3:52 PM, "Joan Hawkins" <email suppressed> wrote:

>> Dear Frameworkers, I'm hoping someone can help me identify a film.  Years ago
>> I saw a film composed almost entirely of X-ray images.  We watched these
>> eerie skeletal people comb their hair, put on lipstick etc.  I'd really like
>> to show it for a film class I'll be teaching on the body-- so if anyone knows
>> the title of the film and/or the filmmaker, please send it along. thanks,
>> Joan

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