New CVM Nonobjective Films Series at Guggenheim NY, starts Fri March 12

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 10 2010 - 12:32:31 PST

Beginning this Friday March 12 in New York, CVM's new series at The Guggenheim Museum (all on film!):

Nonobjective Films 1920s-1960s
A Program of Artists Supported by Hilla Rebay
Organized by Center for Visual Music

16mm Films

Hans Richter, Rhythmus 23 (1921-1925), 2.5 min, black and white, silent. *
Oskar Fischinger, Studie nr. 8 (1931), 4 min, black and white, sound.
Mary Ellen Bute, Spook Sport (1939), 8 min, color, sound. Animation by Norman McLaren.
Dwinell Grant, Contrathemis #1 (Themis), (1940), 3 min, color, intentionally silent. *
Dwinell Grant, 2 Pepsi Commercials (1960), 1 min, color, sound.
Charles Dockum, Dockum Mobilcolor System, Movement 2: Sparkletts (1969), 5 min, color, intentionally silent.

35mm Films

Oskar Fischinger, Komposition in Blau (Composition in Blue) (1935), 4 mins, color, sound.
Norman McLaren, Dots (1940), 2 mins, color, sound.
Oskar Fischinger, An American March (1941), 3 min, color, sound.
Oskar Fischinger, Radio Dynamics (1942), 4 min, color, intentionally silent.
* These films were originally screened at 16 or 18 fps, but are screened here at 24 fps.
Radio Dynamics and Dockum Mobilcolor film were preserved by Center for Visual Music. Komposition in Blau was preserved by Academy Film Archive. Thanks to Cecile Starr and Filmmakers Coop.

NOTE: The Dockum film screened here is an excerpt, there are 3 movements in that film which otherwise runs c. 16 minutes. This film was preserved with support from The National Film Preservation Foundation.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Sackler Center, New Media Theatre
Selected Fridays through May: Mar 12 and 26, Apr 9 and 23, May 7 and 21
11 am. 35mm and 16mm.

NOTE: If you see the listing on the Guggenheim website, it hasn't been fully updated since our last series in Fall 2009 accompanying the Kandinsky exhibition. There are no films by Belson or Smith in this new program, contrary to that listing. Working on the update, will be fixed soon.

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music

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