Coleen Fitzgibbon at TIFF Cinematheque (Toronto)

From: Andrea Picard (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 10 2010 - 11:39:33 PST

Somehow this missed this week's posting. For those in Toronto and nearby, we hope you can join
us for a special evening with Coleen Fitzgibbon and Sandra Gibson.
TIFF CINEMATHEQUE (nee Cinematheque Ontario) presents
Time and Essence: The Preserved Films of Coleen Fitzgibbon
Thursday March 11, 7PM
Jackman Hall, AGO
317 Dundas Street West, McCaul Street Entrance
Free as part of The Free Screen series:

At last, the rediscovered and preserved films of American experimental filmmaker Coleen Fitzgibbon are wending their way north of the border following a two-year string of successful screenings in the U.S. Thanks to the efforts of the artist, in conjunction with filmmaker and preservationist Sandra Gibson, this exceptional body of work is being rediscovered by a new generation and, fortunately for us, in near-pristine prints which showcase the vibrancy of the work's rigour and colour palette. Having studied with Owen Land and Stan Brakhage at the Art Institute of Chicago, Fitzgibbon belongs to the so-called second wave of Structuralist cinema. The films shown in this programme were all made within an intensive period from 1973-75 and demonstrate Fitzgibbon's meticulous, even mathematical approach to image dissolution and disintegration, a tenet in line with the Minimalism of the day. Found Film Flashes and Time (which was recently included in MoMA's "Looking at Music" exhibition) both use frame manipulation to rapturous effect. FM/TRCSis a molten work of abstraction that uses the subject of a woman's domestic activities to explore the textures of the medium, as well as the threshold of both imagery and perception. Building up and sundering away in a sculpture-like process, the film's abstract globules and buzzing soundtrack conspire in its entrancing mood. Internal Systems is a vast, yet minimalist study of the monochromatic frame, a sort of sublime systematic testing of film's internal logic, its emulsive permutations and light sensitivities. The programme concludes with a lovely tribute by her friend Saul Levine.

Found Film Flashes(Coleen Fitzgibbon, 1973, USA,3.25 min, 16mm)
FM/TRCS(Coleen Fitzgibbon, 1974, USA, 11 min, 16mm)
Time(Coleen Fitzgibbon, 1975,USA, 8 min, 16mm)
Internal Systems(Coleen Fitzgibbon, 1974/75, USA, 45 min, 16mm)
Note to Colleen(Saul Levine, 1974, USA, 5 min, 16mm)

This screening is co-presented by The International Experimental Media Congress, taking place April 7-11, 2010 and hosted by The Images Festival. For more information please visit ( )

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