Re: Frameworker in the news

From: julie murray (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 22 2010 - 09:27:42 PST

Hi tOny,
 Any picture posted of this arrangement?
(Wouldn't such an image inevitably composed of ones and zeros and
become an eerie replicant-reflexive conceptual moment?) A metaboo?



Hand builds machine machine builds hand.

>In 1975 I made a long film (Articulation of Boolean Algebra for Film Opticals)
>incorporating a LOT of bi-pack printing, on a motorized synchronizer with an
>exposing light poised over the middle frame (only). It of course printed the full
>width of the filmstrip ("super 16"). The image was not 100% crisp, but I was
>interested at the time in this aspect.
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