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From: marilyn brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 19 2010 - 00:54:03 PST

I'm glad to see Mark's work getting some more, deserved attention.
However, after reading the blog (which I can't seem to respond to
directly) just thought I'd mention -- for the sake of historical
accuracy -- that the comment from David Bordwell that "Brakhage
endlessly revised some of his work . . . " is simply not true. When a
work was done, it was done, and he moved on. He did not re-make/re-
edit old work like some filmmakers do. . . . Perhaps Mr. Bordwell
was thinking of the inevitable problems in print variation coming
through the labs over the years (that the filmmaker, of necessity, had
to adjust to), or the "translations" that resulted from blowing up 8
mm to 16 mm versions for distribution purposes. But I wouldn't call
that "revising" his work. (I'm sure he wanted the "translations" to
be as true as possible to the original.) . . . And the hair that had
"crept into Flight" was there from the beginning -- accepted and used
by Stan when he began to edit the film. It wasn't something that
happened over time.

Marilyn Brakhage

On 18-Feb-10, at 7:11 AM, Jonathan Walley wrote:

> I hope this little announcement doesn't embarrass him, but Mark
> Toscano is featured in David Bordwell's blog this week. A very
> interesting entry on Mark's tireless efforts in preserving
> experimental film:
> I'm sure everyone already knows about Mark's blog, Preservation
> Insanity, but in case not, it, too, is worth following:
> Happy reading,
> Jonathan
> Jonathan Walley
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> Denison University
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