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Just a short extra note to Stoffel's preview of the Courtisane 2010

Courtisane offers free accreditations to all professionals from the
film/audiovisual arts sector (curators, festival programmers,
distributors, producers, journalists, teachers ...) who wish to
attend. You just need to write to email suppressed with :

     * your contact details (email, postal address, telephone number)
     * your function / organization
     * a passport photo

So, come to Ghent !!!!!

Courtisane Festival 2010
March 17th-21st

On 17 Feb 2010, at 12:01, Stoffel Debuysere wrote:

> 17 - 21 March 2010
> Ghent, Belgium
> The 9th edition of the Courtisane festival presents a unique blend
> of film, video, audiovisual performances and media art. Discover
> the work of today's and tomorrow's most adventurous filmmakers and
> media artists in various locations across the city of Ghent. A five-
> day long cinematic experience 'on the edge'.
> A taste of things to come:
> Three artists/filmmakers will present a selection of their own
> work, as well as works that have inspired and influenced them.
> Morgan Fisher
> Fisher’s films are an exploration of the film apparatus and its
> physical material, as well as of moviemaking production methods :
> from film’s standard gauge (35mm) to the use of production stills,
> the narrative role of inserts and the invisible importance of the
> projectionist. Fisher plays with the concepts of film, cinema and
> filmmaking, creating a unique and intimate view of cinema and its
> physical representation. ” One thing my films tend to do is examine
> a property or quality of a film in a radical way,” he says. “Being
> radical is a modest form of being extreme. They each examine an
> axiom of cinema and say, ‘What if ?’”
> David Gatten
> Over the last ten years Gatten’s films have explored the
> intersection of the printed word and the moving image, while
> investigating the shifting vocabularies of experience and
> representation within intimate spaces and historical documents.
> Through traditional research methods (reading old books) and non-
> traditional film processes (boiling old books), the films trace the
> contours of both private lives and public histories, combining
> elements of philosophy, biography and poetry with experiments in
> cinematic forms and narrative structures.
> David O'Reilly
> “animation, computers, internet, 3d, cats, chronic depression,
> stories, independent film-making, more cats, trauma, low-art,
> Berlin, talking animals, theory, dreams, drama, compression,
> nonsense, rendering, artificiality, aesthetics, suicide, symbolic
> representation, narrative, experimental, cats, paper, computer,
> software, bsod, error, mspaint, lofi, sss, author, auteur, pop
> culture, fine art, narcissism, pretentiousness, dramaturgy, love,
> hallucination, jpeg, mov, mpeg, Ireland, Kilkenny, 1985, serial
> gen, crack, torrents, cinema, anarchy, color-space, z-space, real
> time, anti-aliasing, aliasing, xxx, walt disney, simulation,
> distractions, internet etc.”
> Two thematic evenings will be filled with performances,
> installations and screenings.
> Night Vision
> Thursday 18th March will be devoted to ‘Night Vision’, exploring
> the dynamics between visibility and invisibility, light and
> darkness, seeing the night and seeing in the night, with among
> others Paul Clipson & William Fowler Collins, Phantom Limb &
> Earth’s Hypnagogia, Disinformation (Joe Banks) and Pieter Geenen.
> We'll also be screening films by Deborah Stratman and Jeanne Liotta.
> Surface Tension
> 'Surface Tension’, on Friday 19th March, has Dominique Petitgand,
> Karen Mirza & Brad Butler with David Cunningham and Paul Abbott
> with Seymour Wright & Ross Lambert investigating the folds and
> fissures between perception and conscience, experience and meaning.
> Also at show: Lis Rhodes' expanded cinema piece ‘Light
> Music’ (1975-77)
> As always, Courtisane 2010 will present a broad selection of recent
> Belgian and international film and video works, bringing together
> an exciting mix of up and coming young talent and established
> names, including Duncan Campbell, Phil Solomon, Otolith Group,
> Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Ben Rivers, Adele Horne, Luke Fowler,
> Rosa Barba, Lewis Klahr, Mary-Helena Clark, Bas Devos, Peter Rose,
> Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, Janie Geiser, and many others. Apart
> from the selection of recent works, we will present the video and
> film programme ‘Vital Signs’, which will focus on the the formation
> of the meaningful, exploring the edges of meaning and the
> boundaries of communication. With works by Katarina Zdjelar, Imogen
> Stidworthy, Gary Hill, John Smith, Guy Sherwin, Pavel Medvedev,
> Kathrin Resetarits, Peter Sulyi and others.
> The Expo ‘Digest Sound’ investigates the sometimes successful,
> sometimes failing marriage between communication and technology,
> featuring work by Matt O’Dell, Barry Hale & Joe Banks…
> Our friends from KRAAK will also present a series of concerts
> during the festival. Get a foretaste with Carlos Giffoni and
> Oneohtrix Point Never on March 14th !
> The complete program will soon be online on
> For a more extensive preview, see the blog
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