Re: Frampton [Was: criterion]

From: Yoel Meranda (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 14 2010 - 14:40:20 PST

I know these should be seen on film, but I should say, as someone who lives
in Istanbul, this is incredibly exciting news!

Hope that "The States", one of my favorite Framptons, will be included.

Here's Michael Snow's description from the coop's website:

'No, not the United States but the conditions, forms in which things exist.
Somewhat abstracted, a solid, a liquid and a gas: salt,milk and smoke:
falling, pouring and rising are the stars of this classical film. Sheets,
streaks and wisps, the protagonists are all white (light). The background,
zero place, is black (no light). Silence. The ongoing film reveals the
ephemera compartmented in a pattern of temporal proportions in which lengths
of salt sheet activity are gradually overtaken by liquid streaks which are
in turn overtaken by smoke drifts. But another solid is the sliceable,
arrangeable film material itself: the intercutting and the logic of the
arrangement introduces something diamond-like,sculptural to the natures
presented. There is a profoundly satisfying unity of ends and means that is
both "natural" (the way the protaginists behave) and "artificial" ( the
artists structure). The sum is cultured, beautiful" -Michael Snow


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:24 AM, Patrick Friel <email suppressed>wrote:

> Mark and others,
> My understanding from the Criterion person who attended the Frampton
> Conference in Chicago (the person Fred Camper mentioned) is that this will
> be a three-disc set.
> Several others there besides Fred were encouraging her to push for all of
> HAPAX on the set. It sounded like she was convinced, but I think she's
> handling the bonus features for the discs and does not make main selections
> of the films.
> So, right now, I think it will be HAPAX on one disc; ZORNS LEMMA, a
> selection of earlier shorts, and a selection of films from the Magellan
> cycle spread over the other two. Plus their usual generous assortment of
> bonus material.
> Best,
> Patrick
> On 2/14/10 12:00 AM, "Mark Toscano" <email suppressed> wrote:
> >
> > Especially since NFPF released (nostalgia) on its Treasures IV DVD, I
> would
> > love to see Poetic Justice, Critical Mass, and then a boatload of other
> titles
> > collected into a large Criterion set a la the Brakhage releases.
> >
> > But regardless, I'm certainly not going to complain about Criterion
> putting a
> > further foot forward into experimental territory, so hooray for them
> > even(/especially?) if it's Hapax alone.
> >
> > mark t
> >
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