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From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 14 2010 - 15:57:06 PST

Unfortunately it seems that the "Blu-ray Disc Association" is far more
aggressive about enforcing the requirement that all Blu-ray players be
region encoded, so region-free Blu-ray players are rather scarce. Many
manufacturers who had made region-free, or easily converted to
region-free, DVD players are not doing that with their Blu-ray
players. Oppo, known for reference quality players at reasonable
prices, players that converted between PAL and NTSC, and could easily
be made region-free, now require firmware mods, or physical mods, to
be region-free. One reliable source for modified players is JVB Digital.

Ken B.

Quoting Chuck Kleinhans <email suppressed>:

> Blu-Ray regions are different than DVD regions. There's a fairly
> good discussion on Wikipedia: Blue-ray Disc.
> Chuck Kleinhans
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