Home processing S8 Plus-X 7265

From: Cathy Rogers (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 13 2010 - 05:47:37 PST

Hi, Has anyone had any experience of developing Plus-X 7265 (super 8 b&w reversal) with the celer-reverser kit? I'm not sure if I'm using the right timings (taken from super8camera.com website, developer 6 mins, bleach and fix 2 mins, 2nd developer 2 mins). Obvioulsy different timings are required depending on film stock and developer? I see that the kodak D-94a dev kits state 60 secs. My test strips are really light, which I know could be overexposure in the camera, which is a possibility. But as I've never hand processed b&w reversal before I'm a little in the dark! Any advice gratefully received. Cathy http://cathyrogers.blogspot.com

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