Join us! February 24th at 92Y Tribeca for the premiere of And It Was Good

From: Juan David gonzalez (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 09 2010 - 08:51:07 PST

Hi Everyone,
On February 24th at 92Y Tribeca we will have premiere of our short experimental documentary And It Was Good. We shot this film at the creation museum in Petersburg, Kentucky a few months after it opened. Recently, Vanity Fair wrote an article about the museum which you can view on our website.

Please check our site to view a trailer and full synopsis

In conjunction with our premiere we have programmed a night of experimental documentary films that include both 16mm and video. Here is a full list of what will be screening.

Rudolph Burckhardt Dwellings
James Benning - Chicago Loop
Matt Wolf Boca
Evan Meaney Sigma Fugue
Raquel Schefer Granny (Muidumbe)
Bianca Ahmadi and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy-And It Was Good
Kevin T. Allen - Desamparados
Karl J. Mendonca Utsav Mela
Forough Farrokhzad - The House is Black

Please view the link below to get further information on the program and how to purchase tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please feel free to pass this information along to any lists or friends that may be interested.
-Bianca and Juan

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