Directors Lounge 2010 Media Art Festival

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 07 2010 - 03:51:59 PST

Berlin's art and media flâneurs lounge in a new
art space at Pfefferberg, Berlin.
From 12th through 21th February 2010, daily from 6 pm with open end
Opening: Donnerstag, 11. Februar at 8 pm
Location: Meinblau e.V., Pfefferberg, Christinenstr. 18/19, D-10119 Berlin

At the same time as Berlinale reaches their 60th
year, Directors Lounge celebrates her 6th
anniversary this February, in 2010. Starting off
in 2005 as a spontaneous self-organized place for
friends of experimental media arts and for
stressed-out film ticket hunters, the small
festival has grown to an international platform
for exceptional film and media shows. Directors
Lounge has presented artists and their works on
fairs and exhibitions, features single artists in
monthly screenings in Berlin and presents
selected works on the web. However, the media art
festival in February still is the very heart and
core of Directors Lounge, and should not be

As in the past years, for eleven days artist
curators from around the world present their
selected programs. There is a multitude of
highlights to be discovered, special programs,
music programs, and of course, you will find a
relaxed lounge ambience during the days of film
vibes in Berlin. Here, you will meet filmmakers
and artists in person. And without stressing for
tickets, you will always find something special,
apart from the ordinary or marvellous.

It seems merely impossible to give a concise of
the upcoming program, however certain stars on
the Directors Lounge firmament become clearly
visible. Coming up is a monographic programme of
Jean-Gabriel Périot, the acknowledged French
moralist and film essayist, who was with the
festival from its start. Telemach Wiesinger and
Andreas Gogol, among others, will present a 16mm
film live-performance. There will be specially
curated screenings from Russia, Mexico,
Argentina, Finland and Australia. Two themes seem
to lure throughout the whole festival programs
including the main selection: First, there is the
gaze of the flâneur, the point of view of the
stroller or the urban explorer, presented in the
Urban Research program, and lingering in many
other selections. Second, you will find
connections between poetry, poetic film and music
film, a theme taken up by such programs as the
selections from Zebra Poetry Award and
Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, the Festival de
VideoPoesia from Argentina and the MUSEEK film
program selected by Tour de Film from St.

In any case, the daily screenings from 6pm
through late night - which will be announced just
in time, as it has been a festival tradition -
will serve best eye- and ear candies for the
spontaneous film flâneurs as much as for the
connoisseurs of experimental delicatessen.

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