Re: Problems with Karma International Gallery, Zurich

From: J Rosette (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 05 2010 - 08:00:21 PST

I thought no one really cared about these issues...but then again, my
perspective is a bit warped from working out here in Cambodia for the
past 5+ years where IP abuse is the standard (by foreigners, not just

...there are exceptions, including our show, CAMBOFEST
( - where we seek and receive all permissions or we
don't play the films, see our blog for an interesting story about this
stuff going on here:

But in a developed country like Zurich, that's very surprising - no
excuse really

My two cents

J "J" R

On 2/5/10, C Keefer <email suppressed> wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems with Karma International Gallery, Zurich and
> their "Kino Karma" series, specifically, showing artists' work from DVDs
> without permission, and specifically AGAINST artist's stated wishes? They do
> not respond despite numerous messages.
> Karma International, Zurich run by
> Marina Leuenberger and Karolina Dankow
> It's disgusting when a gallery ignores a living artist's instructions and
> wishes. Another sleazy incident of the art world abusing experimental
> filmmakers' works?
> Also, can anyone confirm, did they contact Anthology and others and receive
> permission to screen from the Unseen Cinema set in their gallery?
> Also wondering if Marilyn Brakhage and Pat O'Neill have given permission for
> their works to be screened there?
> Cindy Keefer
> Center for Visual Music
> on behalf of Jordan Belson
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