Dialogues between film and digital

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 04 2010 - 13:45:32 PST

A true telecine projector is designed to project 24fps film in a way
it will sync up to 29.97 NTSC directly, without creating roll bars. TV
stations used to show both movies and news clips from film. They would
turn on the telecine projector in the still frame, and a mirror system
called a multiplexor would direct the aerial image from the projector
right into a video camera that would then send it over the air.

A telecine projector uses a five blade shutter with very narrow
openings in the shutter. 24 frames blinking 5 times a frame = 120
flashes/second, which is basically 2 flashes per field for almost-but-
not-quite 60 fields per/second.

Nothing is slowed down at all, the light output of the projector is
just altered so every frame of video gets the same amount of light,
instead of some video frames catching the projector shutter unevenly
open or closed.

If you have a video camera that shoots in true 24 frame mode, it will
probably work fine to transfer 24fps film to digital by aiming a
conventional 16mm projector at a white screen, rephotographing the
white screen, maybe tweaking shutter speed.

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